Hygiene Supplies

Whether you’re working in a restaurant that depends on a hygienic environment for preparing your customers food orders, a café or bakery that needs their employees to have quick easy access to hygiene supplies while serving food, or in a cafeteria at school, in a hotel, or even a hospital; having quality hygiene supplies is a definite must for the removal of bacteria and other pathogens. Our line of Royal Catering hygiene supplies has everything you need.

A range of hygiene supplies for maintaining a healthy environment.

- Not just for fast food restaurants or customer bathrooms. - Wide selection of products to fit your needs. - Modern minimalist designs. - Stylish finish that is easy to clean.

Maintaining high hygienic standards isn’t always the easiest task, especially for the high-volume caterer that is dealing with different types of meats and dairy products that need a high level of hygienic supplies to make sure their customers become repeat customers. If you’ve already looked at our catering equipment, then you know that one of the easiest ways to accomplish this by providing your staff with easy access to high-quality hygiene supplies in their workstations. Whether it’s a few commercial hand washing sinks strategically placed around them, or just having the right stainless steel furniture that you’re able to quickly and easily disinfect after a spill, Expondo has multiple solutions for the myriad of hygiene issues you might be facing. The easier it is to quickly cleanup, the less time you’ll spend worrying about completing that order or getting to the next customer. Also, we have a wide selection of hygiene supplies that will also find a home in your customer washroom or if you’re looking to upgrade your workshop with a cleaning station. Just because you’re using professional tools doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep your hands clean before heading to lunch or taking a break to go play with the kids outside! Make sure you keep the grease and grime behind and see which hygiene supplies are the right fit for you.

Nothing beats stainless-steel for quality and easy cleanup!

- Made of high-quality stainless-steel. - Non-corrosive and extremely durable. - Great for all types of environments. - Must-have for kitchens and bathrooms.

There’s a reason you see so much industrial equipment made from and with stainless-steel as its primary material: it’s easy to clean and lasts long. All of our products are made with high-quality non-corrosive stainless-steel that is extremely durable, and the same goes for all of our hygiene supplies. It might be the washing sink or the towel dispenser but having the ability to quickly and easily clean the surfaces in the working environment is the key to keeping the space bacteria and pathogen free. Using bleach or any industrial strength cleaner you’re already using, stainless-steel is able to hand whatever you throw at it. But if you want that same level of build and durability, we have a range of tray trolleys as well as a variety of laundry trolleys that are sure to be what you’re looking for. All of these stainless-steel supplies belong in every type of working environment, and not just the kitchen. Hotels often have multiple areas that depend on having great hygiene supplies, and we have a wide range of hotel equipment for the newly opened, or upgrading hotelier, and even a nice electric shoe polisher for your high-class suite rooms! You can rest assured knowing that all of these products are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last as long as you need them to.