Power Tools

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Quality tools mean quality results. Whether you’re working on a busy construction site, a manufacturing workshop, or even carrying out some important DIY work at home, you need to know you can depend on your power tools for both safety and efficiency. When it comes to the Expondo range, we understand that real return on investment comes down to intuitive tools designed with quality materials that stand the test of time.

Professional quality, wherever you work

No matter what your speciality is, equipping your business with professional tools is a vital part of sustaining years of quality service and customer satisfaction. Featuring leading names like the experts at MSW, our range of power tools has been tried and tested to do just that. And when it comes to DIY, home renovations couldn’t be simpler. For repairs and electrical work, our full range of soldering stations offers accurate results and excellent temperature control. With our most advanced models featuring a pre-heating plate, infrared lamp and digital display unit, even the most complex task can be done safely and accurately. Our range of powerful demolition hammers feature the ideal power tools for both indoor and outdoor use. From heavy demolition work to precise chiselling, our demolition hammers are ideal for working with stone, plaster and even outdoor terrain. Our smaller model from MSW is lightweight and easy to transport, encased in a compact handheld case. And our heavy-duty model packs an impressive 2100 watts of power, and ensures maximum stability even when tackling the most hardwearing of surfaces. Our range of polystyrene cutters is more versatile than meets the eye, effortlessly slicing through polystyrene-based construction materials such as insulation panels, sculpture media and polystyrene foam boards. Next in our range of power tools, our selection of burnishing machines offer a versatile range of finishes when working stainless steel, plastic or wood surfaces. And our nibbler tools will cut smoothly through sheet metal, stainless steel and plastic.

A wide selection in one shop!

Investing in the right power tools is nothing to be taken lightly. You never want to compromise when it comes to the quality of your work and the safety of your staff. For this reason, it’s important to be able to compare your options when it comes to quality, use, and price. In our range of power tools, each device features a clear and detailed laydown of specifications, so you can quickly compare prices and ensure that you find the right tool for the job. We also understand that home users may not be looking for the same results as heavy-duty professionals. Take our range of rotary hammers, for instance. For an intuitive home-use option, our cheaper handheld devices are extremely versatile when it comes to drilling, hammering and chiselling – a great, multi-purpose power tool for any DIY enthusiast. For the professionals however, our most advanced rotary hammer packs a whopping 25 joules of impact strength, for tackling extremely heavy duty surfaces both indoors and out. With such a diverse choice, you can be absolutely confident in the ratio of quality and price. We adopt the same attitude when it comes to our selection of craft supplies and industrial equipment range. Even in our range of catering equipment, we understand that best results for your diners goes well beyond fresh ingredients. Whether you’re managing a busy construction site, working in a bustling workshop, or out on the road, we choose safe and efficient equipment that makes your workspace and your workforce go further.