Storage lockers for staff

Wide range of locker storages

Whether in industry or research, in business or administration, in the office or the home office – everywhere in the professional world lockers serve are the universal solution for storage. But these practical storage wonders are also popular in public spaces, such as train stations, schools or gyms.

Lockers are available in various designs with different sizes, materials, equipment and colors. Due to the many versions, suitable locker systems have a wide area of application. Due to their timeless design, the cabinets can be combined with any interior.

Due to their individual dimensions and spacious compartments, lockers can be used in many ways, for storing work clothes, tools, files, sports equipment, valuables and much more. Discover our wide range of our workplace equipment!

Small storage lockers

Large lockers are not always necessary: especially when space-saving solutions are needed, such as for workstations full of computer desk or office chairs. In this case, small lockers are the right choice. Smaller cabinets are particularly suitable when many compartments need to be available, such as at swimming pools or schools.

Despite their tight dimensions, small lockers have enough storage space for numerous items: Tools or key boxes can be stored as well as sport shoes or handbags, books or personal items. Compact compartments are the ideal storage space for having everything handy!

Small lockers are also in no way inferior to large ones in terms of quality. They have the same high-quality materials, precise workmanship and long service life. Due to the integrated locking mechanism, your property remains protected and safe.

Tall lockers

High lockers usually have a clothes rail and are optimal for storing clothing of any kind. The metal clothing lockers are therefore as popular in industry and research as they are in medicine and sports. Work, protective and sports clothing remains wrinkle-free and always ready at hand in these lockers!

With their robust construction, metal lockers provide a solid storage system with high stability. Even equipment and utensils with more weight can be safely stored, such as breathing apparatus and oxygen equipment of fire departments or masks for welding from industrial equipment .

Because of their narrow design, the tall lockers can be lined up next to each other with a minimum of space required. This is especially convenient when many people need to access the cabinets at the same time. Whether in public, at work or at home - tall metal closets are the ideal universal storage solution!

Single personal lockers

At school, work or sports club, lockers may be assigned to individuals for a long period of time. The advantage of these personal lockers is obvious: you can decide what to store and have full control over access!

The personalized cabinets have a solid lock, which can be opened and closed with a matching key. As a result, your personal belongings are always securely locked. In order to rule out any confusion, the key and compartment can be labelled.

Just like desks in an office, you can add a personal touch to lockers: for example, you can put decorations inside, keep family photos or lucky charms. Create your individual feeling of well-being at work – with a lockable, private locker!

Coat locker

Clever storage solutions don't always have to be expensive. With today's technology, it is possible to manufacture products from high-quality materials, with a solid finish and a modern design, at a reasonable price. Metal lockers convince with quality and a real price advantage!

Inexpensive cabinets made of metal are an attractive alternative to a comprehensive system of compartments. You can create storage options for many people – employees in the workplace and customers or visitors in commercial areas – at a small cost.

Due to their compact dimensions, metal lockers only require a small floor area. This is a great advantage in smaller offices, to make particularly effective use of the available space.

Lockers perfect for all environments: industry, office, workplaces

Lockers are a universal as well as practical solution for storage: whether for protective equipment in industry, work clothes in medicine, sports equipment in the gym or club, multimedia equipment and documents in the office or tools in the workplace – lockers are a real asset for any place and workplace equipment!

Lockers of all kinds can also be useful in households. In the garage, lockers can be used to store tools or car accessories, or your garden tools, soil and seeds in a garden shed, or brooms and cleaning supplies in a storage room. Private lockers at home also offer great value.

Since there are lockers of many different designs, you can choose between various sizes, materials, colors and features. An adequate cabinet system can be found for any destination and purpose. Find your perfect locker in our extensive range now!