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Computer desk | Laptop table - a must have in every home office

Whether in the home office or in the office, whether in the laboratory or in the workshop - space for a laptop or a desktop PC is now required at many workplaces. In expondo's online store, you can find height-adjustable desks with different sized work surfaces and sturdy frames. Thanks to gas pressure spring, you can individually adjust the chosen PC table to your needs, because at an ergonomic workstation, work is immediately easier.

Computer desk: a must have in every home office

Compact as the laptop itself is a laptop table. It provides the security of a solid and straight shelf for your work equipment, yet remains small enough to fit in almost any environment. A sturdy tabletop, a height-adjustable frame and smooth-running wheels - that's our recipe for a flexible and ergonomic workplace. Adjust the compact PC table to your desired height to work either sitting or standing, such as during a presentation or in the workshop. Or you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa or in bed at a low setting.

For extra room to maneuver, choose a laptop table with a tilting tray that you can tilt forward or backward as you see fit. The tabletop not only serves as a variable surface for the laptop, but can also be used as an inclined bookshelf and for writing or reading music while playing.

Despite their compact dimensions, our laptop tables impress with their solid construction and high load capacity, so that even heavy laptops can fit safely on them.

Computer desk

It has to be spacious for monitors, mouse, keyboard and folders - and ideally it should also offer enough writing space and storage for other work utensils. Discover elegant office tables and computer desks with a large tabletop, additional storage, sturdy frames or height-adjustable work surfaces in our range. Thanks to their timeless designs, our PC tables fit into almost any interior.

How to choose the right home office desk?

Remaining in one position for long periods, such as when working at a PC, puts strain on the postural apparatus and can lead to tension. Most often, these make themselves felt in the form of back pain. To prevent pain, it helps to exercise on the one hand, but also to have an ergonomic workplace on the other. This looks individually different, because here, in addition to personal preferences, it depends primarily on the body size and proportions. Office chair and desk height must match each other and your height.

Generally speaking:

  • The upper and lower arms should form a 90° angle to the tabletop. The shoulders are relaxed, the upper arms hang loosely down.

  • The upper and lower legs also form a 90° angle. Your foot surfaces completely touch the floor or the footrest.

  • The distance between your eyes and the monitor as well as other documents you are viewing at work should be between 45 and 80 cm.

To check whether your workstation is appropriately adjusted, sit relaxed in your chair and place your forearms on the tabletop. Let the shoulders loose. If the upper and lower arm form a right angle, the chair and desk height are well matched. If this is not the case, change either the seat height or the height of your desk. Remember that your feet must be secure and your knees must form a right angle. Ergonomic office chairs with an adjustable seat, padded backrest and much more can be found in our online store. Last but not least, check if the monitor is within the mentioned distance. You can make changes by moving the screen if there is enough space, or you can use a monitor mount to place the screen at the desired distance.

Desk with shelf

A real gem in combination with additional storage space you get when choosing a desk with shelf. In addition to the work surface, these models allow you to store folders, books and other utensils either near the floor or above the tabletop. The desk and shelf fit together perfectly in terms of material and design, without you having to explicitly match them. Desks with shelves contribute to a good organization system and, as a result, to more productive work, since your work materials are right within reach.

Small computer desk

If you like it a little more compact, you can also find small desks in expondo's range.
Here, the table is compact enough to fit into small work corners, while the work surface offers enough space for mouse and co. Thanks to their delicate frames and noble designs, our models fit easily into small apartments or offices. This way you keep free space in the room and still have a functional and cozy place for your PC work.

Drawing tables - excellent choice for professionals

Desk work doesn't always have to do with spreadsheets and documents. Architectural drawing, sketching and other graphic work also require a flexible and customizable surface. The key difference between drafting tables and computer desks: the tilting worktop. You adjust these individually to the angle that is most comfortable for you to draw, read and take notes. Likewise, proceed with the height of the table. A sturdy frame, a spacious glass tabletop, smooth-running casters, and shelves and drawers for pens round out the functional range of our drafting tables.

Whether for work in the home office, in the lab or in the office - at expondo you will find a wide selection of computer and laptop tables, height-adjustable table frames and other office equipment that will make your workspace ergonomic, flexible and functional.