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All professionals who work primarily in a seated position are familiar with the phenomenon of back pain - triggered by muscular tension, poor-quality desk chairs or even an incorrect sitting posture. Back pain is annoying, leads to unfocused work and can result in further health impairments. The fact is a large part of the population in Germany spends too much time sitting down overall. This applies mainly to working hours, but also on the way to and from work, in the evenings and during leisure time, a few more hours are easily added. If high-quality, but above all ergonomic seating furniture is missing in the office, home or home office, physical complaints are pre-programmed. With the chic, ergonomic office chairs at Expondo, you can now directly remedy the situation and ensure not only an elegant, but also an extremely healthy working environment at the same time.

Ergonomic office chair - best option if you work long hours

In order to be able to work with concentration and motivation every day, an office chair that meets high ergonomic requirements should be part of the standard equipment of the workplace. Our wide range of different designs and finishes at Expondo leaves nothing to be desired. But what characterizes a professional office chair above all are its finely and technically sophisticated individual parts, which offer variable adjustment options and high mobility. The more an office chair has in this respect, i.e. the more mobile it is and the more specifically it can be adjusted to the individual needs of the person sitting on it, the more suitable it is for high-quality and ergonomically healthy office equipment. At Expondo you will find exactly the model that meets all these criteria.

Armchair for office

Because in the best case they perfectly adapt to the physical stature, that is, the body shape of the sitter. To achieve this result, ergonomic office chairs must meet certain requirements: They should ensure the greatest possible freedom of movement, but at the same time have a supporting function. This requires a number of variable settings. When all this is combined in one chair, it enables what is most needed for a long working day: dynamic-active sitting. Because nothing is unhealthier than a rigid sitting position that lasts for hours. At Expondo, we therefore pay particular attention in our range to office chairs and office armchairs that are equipped with adjustable seat heights and depths, variably adjustable arm, and backrests and/or so-called lumbar supports to relieve the spine. Best of all, you can order your new ergonomic desk chair online right here at very competitive rates. In addition, a high-quality computer desk should not be missing of course. Or maybe you are instead looking for suitable filing cabinets for the office? Also available online at Expondo in first-class designs.

Comparing different types of desk chairs

To receive the title of "ergonomic", these models must meet specific criteria. At Expondo, we therefore also offer you high-quality office chairs and executive chairs of exactly this classification. These include certain features such as different, adjustable individual parts and special mechanics. For example, you can opt for your new office chair to be easily adjustable in height. You can choose between office chairs with a special backrest that adapts exactly to the natural shape of the spine, perfectly relieving it. You can enhance this effect by choosing a desk chair with lumbar support, which are slats integrated into the backrest. This relieves the spine and intervertebral discs in a healthy way even more. Desk chairs with armrests, which can be adjusted in height and at the same time can also be variably adjusted sideways, ensure comfortable working. It is especially convenient when the backrests can also be adjusted forward and backward. Sufficient comfort is provided by models with easy-care and robustly upholstered as well as sprung seat, which is furthermore height-adjustable so that it adapts to any body size and stature. To further promote dynamic-active sitting, an integrated rocker mechanism is essential. If you need sit at your desk for many hours, you can choose an office chair with head and/or neck supports - for a little relaxation in between.

Key features to look for in a home office chair

If value is important to you, look at our wide variety of models. In our wide range of products, we take special care to always offer the right product for every requirement and every need. And what's more, always in the usual high Expondo quality - both in terms of materials and workmanship. Of course, this also includes the longevity and durability of our individual models and all individual parts. For example, it is important that professional office chairs have a high load capacity. We offer here models with different load capacity, so you will find the right office chair. For the creation of a functional-comfortable workspace, we recommend a swivel office chair, preferably 360 degrees. Office chairs with wheels allow a large and flexible radius of action. Depending on the floor condition or covering, rollers are suitable for both hard and soft surfaces, so that there are no scratch marks or the like. If you prefer to do without casters, we also have models with a fixed stand in our range. In terms of colors and materials, there is a wide range to choose from: From the bases and frames in aluminum, plastic, chrome, or metal, among others, to the covers in nylon, mesh structure, polyester or imitation leather, among others. The color palette includes black, white, light brown or beige, among others. Here you will find what you are looking for and can buy the office chair that best suits your needs directly online. Of course, modern office equipment includes a few more things - stylish workplace accessories can be found within our workplace equipment. And for the next meeting, we recommend our blog post - How to arrange your workplace at home.

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