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Keep your cool with an evaporative air cooler

Shorts in February, or a jumper in June – what the climate throws at us continues to be a surprise! With the added pressure of growing pollution, it is certainly difficult to keep our own environment as comfortable and clean as we would like it to be. Our range of evaporative air coolers offer a perfect solution for maintaining the ideal indoor environment that caters to your needs - whether in your home, hotel, café, bar or restaurant.

Best air cooler in the UK

  • Adaptable - maintains a cool or warm temperature
  • Cleanses, purifies and reduces humidity
  • Remote controlled, for easy use
  • Smart-functioning timer
  • Lightweight & easily transportable
  • Very quiet

We can all appreciate the importance of comfort. Found in our range of hotel equipment, our evaporative air coolers adapt to your specific conditions – whether cooling down on a summer’s day, or warming up in the winter - both cost-effective cooling and high-power heating are easily accessible. This isn’t restricted to at-home use either – our dynamic evaporative air coolers are a perfect tool to create a comfortable temperature for your customers, whether in your café, restaurant, bar or hotel lobby. And they don’t just control the temperature either; they improve the quality of the air itself, by cleansing, purifying and reducing humidity. Not only a useful addition to any set of professional tools, but also a perfect inclusion in your health and beauty equipment. Controlling your environment might sound like complicated wizardry but thanks to a user-friendly remote control, our efficient evaporative air cooler keeps it simple. With three power levels to choose from, it is easy to adjust, with no hidden complications. A smart-functioning timer switches it off when you decide - so you don’t need to worry about any mishaps when leaving it on while on holiday, or after hours at your café, bar or restaurant. We understand you want equipment that takes the strain out of your daily tasks – whether it’s for your business, office or home. With our evaporative air coolers, we have a lightweight solution to ease the load – they weigh only 6.5kg, meaning they’re very easily transportable.

Water based air cooler

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Capacity of 6 – 10L
  • Coverage of 400 – 600 m³
  • Sturdy PS and ABS plastic housing
  • Durable, resistant and easy to clean

One of the best selling evaporative air coolers is this 3 in 1 design. With a 6L capacity and two ice cartridges, it focuses on long-term cooling, powered by only 85 watts. This means that you are not only saving energy, you are being environmentally conscious in the process. With a bright LED remote control display, it’s a simple tool for even the least tech-savvy and allows you to control the evaporative air cooler from up to 5 metres away – so comfortably improve your environment from the bar, office or couch! And if you’re in need of a more powerful upgrade – whether for your garage, office or workshop equipment for your home or business - our wider range of evaporative air cooler models hold a capacity of up to 10L - supplying any room from 400 to 600 m³ with fresh air and cool it by a maximum of 5 °C. Every one of our evaporative air coolers are built with sturdy PS and ABS plastic housing, making it durable and resistant to temperature damage. The cleaning requirements are super simple because of the wide, flat fins and the easily removable grid frame and water tank. So what are you waiting for? Save time, save energy and save money today with our full range of evaporative air coolers!