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From construction to auto repair, sculpture to furniture making, welding is one of the most useful and versatile techniques out there. Thanks to technological advances, nowadays there are many different types of welders out there suited for different applications – and we are proud to offer a wide range of different models so you can find the tool you need to complete your kit of professional-quality industrial equipment. With the right safety equipment and accessories from expondo it’s time to get welding!

Welding machines for private and professional use

  • Robust welders to suit your needs
  • Suited to a variety of occasions and scenarios
  • Optimal durability and reliability
  • Essential tools for your welding requirements

A good welder must be robust, produce clean and strong joins and feature good ergonomics so you can use it comfortably for one or more hours. We kept these criteria in mind when curating a range of high-quality welders from highly reputed brands such as Stamos Germany. These appliances are designed and engineered to be ideal for even the most intensive industrial operations; they are well-suited for repair workshops, construction sites, factories and much more. A reliable welding tool from expondo is also an infinitely useful tool in infrastructure operations such as rail yards and docks, but is just as well suited for small-scale operations such as bespoke bicycle builders or even artists who are interested in working with industrial/urban materials. We stock many different kinds of welder, each of which is individually suited for particular materials, use cases or joint types, to suit your needs. If you will be welding a lot of aluminium parts together, a quality aluminium welder is the obvious choice, while one of our combined welders is ideal if you are looking for a tool with a wider range of applications. We offer each type in different models to suit different budgets, meaning that our starter models are ideal for private DIY or for vocational colleges. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive catalogue of reliable welding safety gear – an absolute essential if you do not already have gloves and welding helmets in your workshop.

Top quality for the strongest possible joins

  • Various amount of welders
  • Powerful units to achieve great results
  • Easy to use
  • Complement your welding equipment today!

All of our welding tools, from TIG to MIG/MAG welding equipment, are constructed with power and performance in mind. With enough power to create strong joins that can withstand stresses and carry heavy loads, our welders are used in workshops and construction sites across Europe. Each model features useful and safe features such as the Anti-Stick feature, which prevents the electrode from overheating by ending the power supply if there is an issue during welding. The robust housing can withstand tough and long-term use, and the modern processor controls built into each welder allows easy operation and enables you to achieve top-class welding results. Like all our power tools, each appliance is designed to be ready to use as quickly as possible; the Hot-Start capability means that you can get welding right away once the tool is turned on and set up. We also offer a huge number of varied welding accessories, from fillet grinders to safety equipment, foot pedals to trolleys for transporting your welder and its kit. And if you will be cutting materials as well as joining them, why not consider a quality plasma cutter from expondo to complete your equipment. Our catalogue offers everything you could possibly need, even beyond the welding table; that’s what makes us a leading provider of industrial and catering equipment across Europe and beyond.