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Being a tattoo artist comes with a lot of responsibility, and we at Expondo understand that a trusting relationship is of great importance between an artist and their client. What better way to assure the comfort and safety of your customer than with our new range of cosmetic chairs from the cosmetic experts at Physa - an essential addition to your tattoo supplies!

Sit back and relax!

  • Stainless steel, stable construction
  • Hugh carrying capacity
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile - different available models

Getting a tattoo can be a very nerve-wracking experience! The cosmetic chairs from our range of tattoo supplies provide a safe and comforting experience for each individual client of your professional tattoo parlour or home studio. No matter what type of tattoo artist you are, when you shop for tattoo supplies, you want products that you can believe in. Our large cosmetic chair for professional studios is made of 100% powder-coated stainless steel, with a very stable construction. So stable in fact, that it has a huge carrying capacity of up to 200kg, making them a very reliable addition to the tattoo supplies of any tattoo artist. For comparison, that’s even stronger than our multi gym 5 in 1 for home and gym workouts! Our reliable additions to your tattoo supplies are not only strong, but are versatile too! With an ability to rotate 360 degrees, and with an adjustable height (ranging from 55 – 75cm!), seat, headrest, armrest, backrest, leg rest and footrest, our chairs tailor to the different needs of the customer and the artist. This means that mobility is greatly increased, improving the comfort of your customer and allowing the artist to work effectively at the angle they require. Take a look at our tattoo chair with adjustable leg rests to get you started, or our very dynamic saddle chair for that extra comfortable customer experience – you’ll quickly find the perfect addition to your tattoo supplies. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an equally dynamic chair for your professional business – for your dentist, doctor or laboratory office, for example - then check out our whole range of working stools for all establishments.

Clean up in no time!

  • High comfort
  • Oil and water resistant artificial leather
  • Long lasting, easy to clean

Tattoo supplies need to provide a high-quality level of comfort and hygiene for both the client and the artist – that’s a no brainer. Our broad range of cosmetic chairs ensures a high-level of comfort in a number of ways. Similar to the durability of our strength training equipment for weigh fanatics, our cosmetic chairs are made of robust materials (take a quick look at our range of dumbbells for weight training to see what we’re talking about!). Our chairs feature a 10cm thick layer of padding, providing a soft, secure support for your client; no matter what position they need to be in. The material consists of elegant, black artificial leather upholstery, meaning that these chairs are not only pleasant to sit on, but they are also an ethical and fashionable addition to your professional tattoo supplies. As we mentioned, hygiene is an important factor to consider when it comes to buying tattoo supplies – our range of cosmetic chairs are oil and water resistant, and have a super easy to clean design, so just simply wipe them down to keep them in tip-top condition. These elements combined mean that our cosmetic chairs are an incredibly long-lasting product, making them a reliable addition to have in your selection of tattoo supplies for years to come. Don’t forget to have a browse of our full Expondo catalogue, which boasts a wide range of products for every establishment that you can think of – take a look at our sport equipment for gyms and schools, or our health equipment for professional teams and athletes.