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Our range of premium butchers equipment is perfect for any aspiring or established butcher. High-quality devices make light work of slicing, mincing and mixing a variety of meats, allowing you to take full control of the product you create, from start to finish. Food suppliers, as well as restaurant owners, caterers, and fast food kiosk owners can also benefit, using our butchers equipment to increase sales, lighten workloads and speed up production. Like all our catering devices, these are user-friendly and even suitable for the at-home enthusiast.


Mince, slice, stuff and press - Butchers equipment for all occasions!

  • Round off your butchery tools with various equipment
  • Process a variety of meat includign pork, beef and lamb
  • Produce a large amount of meat with high capacities
  • Intuitive designs to suit your butchery needs


Once you've sourced your meat, it's time to select a device and process it. Select one of our band saws from our butchers equipment and you'll be able to cut through frozen foods and bone, effortlessly dividing your chosen carcass into a variety of profitable cuts. Anti-slip rubber feet and encased blades ensure stability and safety whilst operating. With a Royal Catering meat mincer, you can quickly turn up to 220-300kg per hour of beef, pork, and lamb into freshly minced meat. This high output will help you to go above and beyond the demands of your carnivorous customers.

Minced meat can be sold and used as is, or easily shaped into different forms. With the help of a burger press, it's simple to press your fresh mince into neat patties, ready for selling to your customers at a higher margin. Or use our space-saving, 2-gear sausage stuffers to fill your choice of casing, creating delicious sausages, which can then be cooked straight away, or dried and cured - intensifying the flavour. Home cooks can also get in on the action, with our 3L sausage stuffer - the perfect capacity for a good few rounds of sausages and mash! Slice up your smoked and dried meats and sausages with our affordable food slicer. The intuitive design of this piece of butchers equipment makes it simple to create thick slices, chunkier cuts and everything in between.

High-quality equipment creates first class food

  • High-quality equipment to ensure reliability
  • Particular precision to allow you to cut process finely
  • Durability is ensured
  • Hygienic qualities to meet rigorous hygienic standards
  • Great butchers units to suit you


Complement your meat products and expand your product range by using one of our user-friendly food processors to mix vegetables, herbs and other ingredients into delicious marinades and sauces. Another piece of equipment that can be quite useful is a hot dog maker. They can be used to evenly grill multiple hot dogs or even your freshly-made sausages. After you're through with producing your cuts of meat, it's time to price and sell them. Our price calculating scales sit neatly on your countertop and make pricing straightforward. The high level of precision that you'll also find in our craft supplies and industrial equipment means our scales will accurately and speedily determine the price of your goods. All of our butchers tools have been manufactured to a premium quality level.

In addition to a butchers block, an essential piece of kitchen furniture is a stainless steel work table. As stainless steel is corrosion-free and non-porous, bacteria are not able to permeate the surface, making it perfect for food preparation and processing. Combine with a built in fridge and you've got a space-saving, multi-use piece of furniture that allows easy access to your refrigerated products. Just like the work table, all of our butchers equipment is manufactured from sturdy and easy to clean materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that less time will be spent laboriously cleaning. Each device is sturdy and durable guaranteeing a return on any investment made in an affordable piece of Royal Catering or Bartschers butchers tools. With our high-quality range of butchers equipment and you can process your meats to create a large variety of products, such as sliced meat, minced meat or sausages. The only thing holding you back is your imagination and drive!