Industrial Scales

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Weighing and measuring is a daily task across a wide variety of industries, from food and retail, to warehouses and laboratories. Compromising on accuracy can cause a loss of revenue, a decrease in quality, and can even be hazardous in science, medical, and pharmaceutical departments. Investing in quality, stainless steel industrial scales from the experts at Steinberg Systems, you can be confident in your results, every time.

Accurate and reliable industrial scales for your business

• Suitable for retailers, warehouses, labs, and delivery services • Functions: Store, tare, hold, zero • Maximum load capacity choice: 600 kg, 1 t, 1.5 t, 3 t, 5 t • Choice of measuring accuracy: 0.01g, 1g, 200g, 500g, 1 kg, 2 kg • High accuracy and reliability

Our highly accurate industrial scales are available in a wide range of capacities depending on your industry needs. From our most precise scales for science labs and medical departments, to our robust floor scales for factories and warehouses, your materials are measured accurately, every time. E-commerce departments, retailers, craft professionals, and even chefs and butchers: We’ve got a set of professional industrial scales to suit your needs, featuring digital display units and a range of useful functions such as store, tare, hold, and zero, as well as convenient pricing functions on certain models. For retailers, ecommerce businesses, warehouses, and delivery services, optimise your production flow with our full selection of parcel scales. With accuracies of as little as 5g and a maximum capacity if 200g, these are the ideal medium range choice of industrial scales to meet daily demands of processing materials and accurate data recording. Featuring handheld display units attached with a flexible coiled cable, you can move around with ease as you carry out your measurements. When it comes to weighing in kitchens, laboratories, and craft-shops, even the minutest discrepancy can decrease quality and disrupt workflow. Our precision scales with an impeccable accuracy of as little as 0.01g, ensures that you’re always operating with precision. Whether you’re measuring portions of meat in a butcher’s shop, or minute units of substances in a science lab, cleanliness is of vital importance. Luckily, our stainless steel industrial scales are easy to clean and sterilise, use and after use, minimising the risk of contamination. Check out for example our digital weighing scale.

Scale up your measuring power!

Reliable industrial scales are not only a great addition to your retail, lab, or professional catering equipment – they are also vital in heavy duty industries such as construction, factories, agriculture and the automotive industries. This is where robust weighing equipment such as floor scales, parcel scales, and crane scales come into vital use. Our cheapest floor scales has a maximum capacity of 1000kg and an accuracy reading of 200g. Designed with non-slip grooved steel, and complete with a wireless backlit display unit, this heavy duty industrial scales is ideal for weighing animals in the agriculture and food industry. Our strongest floor scales reaches 5000kg in capacity with an impressive reading accuracy of 2kg. Fitted with digital display and a wide range of measuring functions, these high-powered scales are built to withstand heavy loads such livestock, vehicles, and other bulk shipments. Whatever your business, don’t compromise when it comes to heavy duty taks such as lifting, moving and weighing. In our full range of industrial equipment, you’ll also find our selection of heavy duty winches for moving heavy loads, even vehicles and agricultural equipment. From crane hoists and rope winches, to our hardwearing off-road winches, the MSW range impresses every time with its extreme resilience and exceptional performance. At Expondo, we understand the tools and equipment that make your business run smoothly. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our site for updates to our range of craft supplies, and professional catering and industrial equipment.