Melting Furnaces

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As any collector or fashion guru will tell you, only time can truly test the quality of beautifully crafted jewellery. While costume pieces will come and go, quality jewellery can be a lasting symbol of love, faith and commitment. Passed down through generations, it can be a beacon of family history and tell stories of generations past. For gold, silver and copper jewellery that will stand the test of time, our range of melting furnaces are the perfect addition to your industrial supplies.

From budding hobbyists to industry professionals

With a choice of three capacities, our melting furnaces are designed for the melting of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. Compactly designed and built to industry standards, our melting furnaces are ideal for jewellers, craftsmen and collectors, as well as private use - for those who wish to take their home-crafting to the next level. These days there is a wide range of online platforms for turning your hobbies into a thriving business, and by investing in quality industrial equipment and also craft tools or even catering equipment, you could be selling your precious wares in no time!

Our melting furnaces have a capacity choice of 1, 2, or 3 kilograms. Our cheapest melting furnace for 1kg of precious metal is ideal for small retailers or home enthusiasts. While our 3kg-melting furnace is perfect for professionals with higher productions levels. Regardless of capacity, the quality is the same. Each of our melting furnaces is made with sturdy, heat-resistant graphite, and reaches a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius – ideal for melting all precious metals. Each model is also sold with a specially sized crucible tong, for safety and precision while you work. Within its compact design, the crucible is protected by layers of heat resistant insulation, preventing heat-loss and making the entire system more energy efficient. The crucible is further encased in thermal isolation grid, to protect it from any unwanted contact with foreign materials and to avoid any risk to the user during production.

Create beautifully made gold, silver and copper crafts with our range of melting furnaces

With energy efficient heat retention, and digital controls to a precision of one degree, our compact furnaces take the ancient craft of jewellery-making well into the 21st century. For any jeweller, temperature control is the key to creating beautifully finished work. Fitted with a digital setting system, our melting furnaces allow you to adjust the temperature of your work with a precision of one degree. And speaking of precision, each of our melting furnaces is fitted with a pouring spout allowing for maximum ease and safety when pouring molten metals. If you’re working on a range of craft projects, extra melting crucibles can also be bought separately.

Whether you specialise in delicate gold chains, elaborate copper pendants, or silver wedding bands, our melting furnaces and other craft supplies have a range of options to elevate your craft to the next level. For the perfect shine on every jewellery piece, take a look at some other industrial tools: ultrasonic cleaners are the ultimate way to completely clean your jewellery of any unwanted dirt, grit or rust. For maximum precision when processing materials and pricing goods, our full range of industrial and professional scales can save you time and minimise the risk of error. And our pocket scales are ideal for jewellers and collectors, especially at market stalls and craft fairs. When working with raw materials, (whether you’re in a kitchen, a workshop or a laboratory) safe and efficient temperature control is vital. For more examples of our heating solutions, check out our welding accessories and our efficient vacuum drying ovens. Whether melting, welding or drying, we’ve got the heating device for you.