Workshop Equipment

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Repairs, upgrades, construction, and even invention! You want every project you carry out in your workshop to speak volumes in terms of skill and attention to detail. But you can only work with the tools you’ve got! That’s why investing in high-quality workshop equipment is the best way to start. For crafts professionals, repair workers, and DIY enthusiasts, our range of robust equipment from the experts at MSW helps you to work in comfort, safety, agility, and confidence, allowing you to focus on precision and great results.

Quality Workshop Equipment for Quality Work!

Our sturdy and versatile workshop equipment is suitable across a broad range of industries. For engineers and others working in the automobile sector, our range of car creepers and workshops stools give you the comfort and mobility to carry out examinations, repairs and bodyworks. The same applies to home car enthusiasts! Agricultural professionals will benefit from our workshop equipment when carrying out lengthy machinery repairs. And of course, professionals working in craft and design can sit in comfort while they bring their designs to life. Wherever you work, it’s vital to protect your neck and back while you work. The best value workshop stool in our range of workshop equipment is a convenient combination of comfort and storage for workshops, factories, repair services, and more. Protect your back and other joints while you work with this ergonomically designed stool, adjustable from 37 to 50 with a convenient lever. This stool combines comfortable design with practical storage tray underneath, allowing you to keep all tools, utensils, and craft supplies at hand’s reach while you work. For added organisation, our expert workshop stool also features a second storage tray, ideal for small parts such as nuts and bolts. Our workshop equipment is designed with every DIY and professional in mind. The sturdy, padded seat and has a diameter of 31 cm, so comfort is guaranteed in every position, and is suitable for every body size and shape. With 360 rotation and rollers below, the workshop stools allow for easy mobility while you work, and after work, can be easily stored due their compact, lightweight design. For another range of comfortable and sturdy seating solutions, why not also check out our range of elegant and practical cosmetic chairs?

Sturdy storage and workflow solutions

At Expondo, we appreciate the value of investing in ergonomic workshop equipment that not only protects your staff from immediate hazards, but from the long-term stress of working with heavy, awkward, or repetitive tasks. Protecting important body parts like knees and back has a long-term benefit to you and your staff. Repairing cars and engines can cause just such issues over time. A vital tool in any garage, our great value car creeper is the ideal addition to your workshop equipment for accessing the underneath of engines, vehicles and machinery. The car creeper adds mobility to otherwise confining work, giving you quick and easy exit for breaks or to recover tools. The sturdy device has a load-bearing of 150kg and a broad lying surface of 90 by 27cm – padded and equipped with neck support to prevent strain and muscle fatigue. Like everything featured in our range of workshop equipment, it is also oil resistant and easy to clean. For more examples of protective gear to insure your workforce why not check out our range of adjustable welding visors and flexible welding gloves (also suitable for use during all manner of auto repairs)? And for everyday tasks in your garage, workshop or home, look no further than our wide range of power tools featuring sanders, drills, and more.