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Achieve pleasant air conditions with a Hepa air purifier

It wasn't until last year's coronavirus outbreak that air purifiers and filters were used to generally improve indoor air. Because allergy sufferers, for example with house dust, often depend on it as well. What has come to the fore in this context, however, is the study of the transmission possibilities and the "behavior" of the so-called aerosols that people emit when they speak, breathe, laugh or sing and consequently, if they are sick with Covid-19 or similar viruses, can infect others. The topic of indoor air is thus strongly in the spotlight. It has been found out that especially in closed rooms a large part of these aerosols remains in the room air for a certain time. So the more people are in a room and the higher the possible concentration of viruses, the higher the risk of becoming infected. That's why the use of high-quality air purifiers and filters has become so immensely important. And of course, there are many other viruses, germs, bacteria, mold spores and the like that can contaminate indoor air and surfaces - as well as fine dust, pollen and the like. At Expondo, we carry first-class electric air filters and air purifiers that specifically ensure purified and clean air in closed rooms. Whether for publicly used rooms such as practices, daycare centers and schools or air purifiers for the home - you can buy the right air filter for every need and purpose conveniently online right here.

Air purifiers and humidifiers

Not every enclosed space is adequately equipped with windows for fresh air supply or built-in exhaust or filtration systems. Especially in these rooms, and especially when many people are present, this would be essential for healthy indoor air, so that viruses, bacteria and germs cannot spread to such an extent. However, the use of air purifiers quickly provides a remedy. Thanks to the latest technologies, these devices provide effective protection against dirt in the air. In general, the devices work like this: Microparticles suspended in the air are extracted from the room air. And the longer an air purifier is in operation, the more potentially harmful particles are filtered away. Besides air purifiers with filters, there are other models - you can choose among others: Air purifiers with filters work much like a vacuum cleaner. These air purifiers are usually equipped with high-quality, fine-textured HEPA filters. The blower pulls the airflow into the unit and the particles from the air get caught in the filter. In ionizers, dirt, germs, dust particles, etc. are bound and then filtered. At the same time, ozone develops and is released, refreshing the air. Air scrubbers work by means of a film of water on which the particles settle. At the same time, they act as an air humidifier, which has a pleasant side effect, especially in the winter heating season. Along with humidifiers, ozone generators , air filters and purifiers are currently among the most popular so-called health products on the market. Here at Expondo you can find the best air purifiers online at really low prices.

Air purifiers for the home

The fact that air purifiers provide healthy indoor air in your home, office, commercial and public spaces is the primary goal of all devices. In addition, they also filter unpleasant odors from the ambient air, such as cigarette smoke or harmful exhaust fumes. If you would like to sterilize small or even larger objects in addition to the room air, you should also take a look at our range of UV sterilizers. In the room air models, these devices usually have a fan that draws in outside air and directs it inside. There, viruses, bacteria, germs and more are then filtered out and cleaned by means of air filters and UV light. In the next step, the purified air is converted into ozone by a special process, which is then released back into the room air. For air purifiers that work with filters, these must of course be replaced regularly - at Expondo you can of course get these spare parts at a reasonable price, as well as other necessary accessories. A word about the filters: most devices are equipped with the powerful HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air (-filter). However, there are also devices that work with activated carbon filters. For the sake of completeness, filter systems that function by means of electrostatic filters and photocatalytic filters should also be mentioned.

Air purifier for dust removal

Clean and purified indoor air is not only important for well-being, it contributes greatly to the protection of your health and safety, especially in these times. At the same time, this can also provide a higher level of performance, more energy and a better quality of life. Here at Expondo, find exactly the right room air purifier to suit your individual requirements and needs. Take a look at our different models and find the right equipment for you. In addition to high-quality air purifiers and filters, we also offer other electrical devices such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, oxygen devices or combination devices in our range - easy and quick to order online. And finally, a small tip, which is not insignificant for the optimal functioning and effect of an air purifier: Where is the best place to put it? Because in order for an air purifier to do exactly what it is supposed to do, which is to filter out all harmful particles from the air, it should be placed in a location in the room where the air can circulate ideally. It is best to place it as freely as possible or at a certain distance from objects or the wall, because hidden in the corner of the room or behind pieces of furniture, the device cannot develop its full performance. It is also important that you always adapt an air purifier to the size of the room, that is, the square footage of the room. Because if you choose a device that is not designed for the size you need, you will not achieve the desired result. Therefore, in our store we offer air purifiers that can be used in rooms of different sizes. Also remember to replace any filters on a regular basis.

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