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The right products for all your cosmetic needs

When we want to indulge in a cosmetic treatment, it is important to know that we are getting the best comfort and quality that our money can buy. With our products from the cosmetic experts at Physia, we provide a broad range of quality furnishings to suit all your cosmetic needs; whether for use in your professional wellness and beauty salons, backstage at a show, or for your own private use at home.

Therapy beds, steamers, mirrors and more!

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No matter what your cosmetic needs are, there is one thing for certain – they are all about the individual experience! We at Expondo understand that the customer will always be your number one priority when it comes to your professional cosmetic establishment, and we understand that when it comes to at-home treatments, they should be all about you! That’s why we boast a diverse range of products to meet all kinds of cosmetic needs, and to effectively furnish a variety of salons, studios, theatres, homes and more. First of all, professionally - a comfortable, reliable and high-quality customer experience leads to a trusted reputation and in turn, more business for you! For your wellness and beauty studio, you can provide a five-star treatment with our durable skin treatment steamers for cleaning and relaxation , allowing the skin to be easily rejuvenated and moisturised. Or deliver a top-quality beauty therapy bed for a comfortable client experience, enabling your customer to fully relax, while the specialist can get to work! It isn’t all about comfort though – hygiene is an important factor to consider when it comes to attending individual cosmetic needs. Our reliable ball steriliser for sterilization provides the peace of mind that all your professional cosmetic tools are in tip-top condition before the treatment begins – totally clean, disinfected and ready to use!

Valuable looks for invaluable prices!

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Our products tend to the cosmetic needs of a wider variety of professions too. For the clients of your professional hair salon, take a look at our range of hairdressing equipment from our health and beauty category – packed full of stools, sinks, dryers, neck rests and footrests to suit all your cosmetic needs. And if you’re profession centres around a more concentrated area, like manicures, pedicures, face treatments or tattoo parlours, we recommend checking out our podiatry chairs for back-friendly working conditions – pair it with a foot pedal for position regulation, and you’ve got a very impressive customer experience indeed! And don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about the important cosmetic needs of you private home users either! We know that lousy feeling of an early morning start, or a long late shift at work – all you want to do is get home and make yourself comfortable. Treating yourself is an important thing to do, and it doesn’t have to be a super expensive experience. Spend a little extra time on yourself in the mornings by using one of our large and lighted beauty mirrors, which provide a celebrity-like treatment for your beauty regime - also a great addition to any backstage make-up equipment for your musical, theatre or band show! Or make sure that your home environment is as clean and clear as it can be when attending to your cosmetic needs, with one of our portable humidifiers for homes or offices. Don’t forget that our full Expondo catalogue boasts a diverse range of products to aid a large number of professions – take a peak at our sport and health equipment for gyms and schools, or our lab equipment for classrooms and testing facilities to get you started!