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Whether in a popular restaurant or at home, any kitchen is made by the appliances within it. Good commercial kitchen equipment help you to make the most of your cooking skills and create true culinary masterpieces, while minimising tiring chores and reducing the chance that a recipe will end in tears! Unlike a lot of the industrial and professional appliances in our catalogue, our kitchen gadgets are equally handy for both private and professional use.

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The catalogue at expondo features a staggering range of different commercial kitchen equipment to help with almost every task in the kitchen. Whether you need help slicing fruit and vegetables, need a quality blender to turn those fruits and vegetables into a smoothie, or feel like a strong cup of coffee instead, our range of kitchen gadgets can help with every meal of the day. Our fruit and vegetable slicers automate all the drudgery of slicing, chopping and grating, with lots of different cutting plates to get the specific results you require, from a fine julienne to chunky chips! All our commercial kitchen equipment are designed and engineered to be easy to clean so that even the fiddly parts of these machines can be kept hygienic. For other food preparation tasks, from creating creamy soups to whipping up a frosty iced cocktail, our blenders have the high-powered mechanism to make it all possible. With our professional-quality pasta makers and accessories you can create other savoury supper specialities, while our coffee machines, pastry rollers and cereal dispensers take care of breakfast sweet treats. All our commercial kitchen equipment are designed and manufactured by reputable brands such as Royal Catering and are built to last; both at home or in a business, whether in a snack bar, restaurant kitchen or mobile food truck, they power through even the busiest days. Make your life in the kitchen easier with one or two of the best commercial kitchen equipment on the market.

Save effort and time with a quality commercial kitchen equipment

Our range of commercial kitchen equipment has been carefully curated with the most experienced cooks and the most challenging kitchens in mind; that’s why each appliance makes the most of your counter space with small countertop footprints and compact construction, while lots of useful ergonomic additions make each appliance easy and safe to use – for example, most appliances have rubber feet or sturdy stands to keep them stable throughout use, while most automated electric appliances have easy-to-use controls for precise and stress-free cooking. Like our power tools and craftsmen’s supplies, these commercial kitchen equipment are made using tough and resistant materials such as high-grade stainless steel to protect against corrosion, damage and the everyday pressures of even the busiest lunch hours! We are proud to stock a mixture of both the most useful and universal everyday helpers such as heavy-duty can openers to more specialised equipment for businesses and professional caterers, such as our extensive range of snack bar equipment for eateries, diners and even funfairs. Extra accessories and attachments are often available depending on the product, and many products even come with included extras such as spare lids, blades or bowls to catch run-off. For the truly dedicated chef, we even supply high-quality stainless steel furniture such as counters and shelving units, helping you to set up a professional kitchen that will stand the test of time. And with a selection of our commercial kitchen equipment on your counters and in your shelves, you will be cooking up a storm and having fun doing it!