Electric Shoe Polisher

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Making it into the office without ruining your shoes on a rainy day or in the winter is a struggle. You spend all that time polishing your shoes only to have them destroyed by the time anyone gets to see those shiny kicks. Or maybe you have business people staying in your hotel’s suites that require their shoes to be in great shape for the business meetings they’re attending in town. Getting a high-quality electric shoe polisher is the answer for these situations. We have all the top of the line products at Expondo, and we’re happy to add this electric shoe polisher to the list.

Wherever there’s a need to shine shoes!

- Compact design makes it discreet and won’t take up space. - 3 brush foot operated system. - Modern minimalist designs. - Quiet motor so everyone doesn’t need to hear you clean.

No one likes taking the time to hand polish their shoes. Getting your old brush, polish covered rag, and tins of leather treatment from under the sink is something no one wants to deal with before heading into the office or business meeting. Electric shoe polishers have been around for a while, but they’re usually noisy and inefficient. Our Bredeco electric shoe polisher is a step up. The energy-saving 120W motor is quiet and won’t be bothering anyone while you polish. Its foot operated and features three brushes: two for polishing different color material, with the third there for removing dirt and grime before bringing out that shine. There is a built in shoe cream dispenser that can easily be removed for refilling. This versatile electric shoe polisher is intuitive and comfortable and doesn’t require you to bend down to operate. The sleek and robust metal casing gives a modern and stylish design to it, and you won’t be ashamed to have this around your office for clients to see. But with its compact design, they’ll be hard pressed to see it in the first place! That is, unless you’re looking for great hotel equipment that your guests will actually want to use. Why not put it in the corner with a matching stainless-steel rubbish bin to make sure all your hygiene supplies are all in the same place!

Machines are taking our jobs!

- Operated by foot, no need to switches or cables. - Intuitive markings so you won’t need the user manual every time you use it. - Great for all types of materials and shoes. - Must-have for the workplace or hotel room.

Whether you found us by checking out our top in class industrial equipment or were just doing a little online window shopping through our great professional tools for your upcoming project installing that new pool ladder in anticipation of the change in weather; you’ve landed on our great electric shoe polisher that needs a home in your home. This isn’t your grandfather’s electric shoe polisher with the red and black buffers. This is fully operational with only your feet and doesn’t require you to be a mechanic to understand how it works. All electric shoe polishers should be this easy and compact! You could easily add one of these to your kitchen to make sure none of that tomato sauce makes it home with you after a long day of cooking. And it’ll look great along with all of our stainless-steel furniture you already have to store all the great catering equipment you picked up the last time you were browsing our site. Either way, at the end of the day, you just need embrace our new mechanical overlords and pick-up a durable electric shoe polisher to do the grunt work for you.