Fabric Steamer

Even at home, everyday ironing using a handheld iron can be a tricky and time-consuming tasks. Now imagine the time your business spends preparing sheets, towels and uniforms for commercial use, never mind display retail items such as clothing and curtains. Use the efficient power of steam to make fast work out of smoothing out fabrics. With our new range of fabric steamers from the hospitality geniuses at Bredeco, you’re going to want to buy a second one for your home too!

High powered fabric steamer for smooth results

• Efficient steaming and cleaning • Use for up to 80 minutes • Ideal for bedding, towels and uniforms • Safe to use • Refill as you go

New to Expondo, with our commercial fabric steamers from Bredeco, you can be two steps ahead of all your fabric prepping chores. Fabric steamers give you double the action by cleaning and straightening your clothes at the same time. This is because Bredeco fabric steamers not only reliably smooth out creases, but they also freshen in the process, giving your clothes a fresh scent and shine, even after a few wears. Bredeco fabric steamers are a great addition to your hotel equipment for hostel, B&Bs, spas, and more, along with our shoe polishers and luggage holders. Anywhere where sheets and towels need to be fresh, clean, and in quick supply. For other businesses, they are a fast and reliable way to freshen up uniforms, aprons and overalls before the day begins. And if you’re working in fashion or retail, our fabric steamers will help you to restock the clothing rails in a flash – no more nude mannequins causing giggling customers! Caterers and restaurant owners should also consider adding a fabric steamer to their catering supplies for preparing tablecloths, tea-towels, and aprons. Wherever you work – if you’ve got uniforms and overalls to wear, it’s a great addition to your professional equipment. Even those of you working in hospitals and labs can add a fabric steamer to your industrial supplies for cleaning lab-coats and scrubs. Our fabric steamers offer fast-acting ironing and cleaning in one. For your desired results, you can choose between power settings. This allows you to adapt to different fabrics without wasting energy. Depending on your choice of fabric steamer, your device will give you up to 80 minutes of continuous use for up to 2.6 litres of water. For longer use, you can even refill your device as you go.

Flexible ways work

• Flexible telescopic rod • Protects against burning • Fast – heats in 45 second • Cost and energy-efficient • More ways to furnish your business

One great advantage of the fabric steamer is its flexibility. The telescopic rod can be adjusted allowing you to work at a comfortable height and reach tricky area without straining your back or battling with a cumbersome ironing board! You can easy hang clothes to the device without having to hold them up. The wheeled device is easy to move around and can be rotated by 360 degrees. Our fabric steamers prevent overheating during cleaning with low temperatures between 130 and 145 °C. as soon as the temperature reaches 145 °C. On top of this, fabric steamer will reach desired temperatures in as little as 45 seconds, helping you to work with pace! As well as the fabric steamer, we also stock lots more options to keep your hotel running like clockwork. For example, our sleek stainless steel shoe polisher – ideal for lobbies and hotel rooms. For sports and leisure centres, our stainless steel pool ladders will add an elegant touch to your poolside, as well as being safe, sturdy and ergonomic. For the kitchen, you can choose between pasta boilers, rotisserie ovens, deep fryers and more in our range of commercial cooking equipment. And of course, no business can afford to overlook hygiene. Check out our selection of hand dryer, hands-free basins and soap dispensers in our hygiene supplies range. Our stainless steel rubbish bins are stylish and easy to use – ideal for kitchens, cafes, hotels, bathrooms and more. Speaking of stainless steel, it’s no secret that it’s a favourite here on the Expondo range. Whether you work in a hotel, lab, kitchen or garage, check out our range of stainless steel furniture for a modern, sturdy, and hygienic way to store ingredients, equipment, tools, stock and more.