Ozone Generators

There are many scenarios in both industry and hospitality where strong odours can be a real problem. Whether it’s the lingering aromas of strongly-flavoured foods, or the overwhelming odour of solvents and paints, these smells can be neutralised simply and easily with an ozone generator. This useful industrial appliance also removes mould spores from the air, a purification process with many advantages. Landlords, professional caterers, construction workers and even laboratories can benefit from an ozone generator.

Keeping the air clean and fresh

Ozone is a potent oxidant, which means that it can react with many substances for a wide range of applications. When released into the air in a controlled manner, it can be extremely effective at removing potent odours from the air – this makes it particularly useful in spaces where there has been a fire or smoke damage, or even where there are other strong smells such as those of fatty foods, strong spices, animals or different types of paint. It can also remove odours from fabrics such as furnishings or clothing. This makes an ozone generator a handy appliance for construction workers and craftsmen, restaurants and hotels, or even property owners. Furthermore, ozone kills mould and yeast spores from the air, which prevents food from spoiling in food storage facilities such as warehouses or pantries, and can even be used to sterilise food and kitchen work surfaces in places such as factories and hospital kitchens. Designed and manufactured by reliable brand Ulsonix, the integrated UV lamp generates ozone consistently and safely, creating enough gas for an effective result suitable for professional use. A professional ozone generator can be used to clean stale smells or tobacco fumes out of used vehicles, or to clear the air in hotels, repair shops and even waste disposal or sanitary facilities. Rather than just airing out the area or covering the smells with other unpleasant perfumed chemical air-fresheners, simply turn on the ozone generator and leave it to take care of the problem for you.

Ozone generators for professional use

The high-quality design of these ozone generators means that the ozone is produced evenly and reliably, helping you to manage the air purification process in the safest way possible. There are many different options, from a budget-friendly ozone generator which produces 7000mg per hour, to our mid-range ozone machines, to our most powerful ozone machine which produces 20,000mg per hour. In order to ensure that you can keep your ozone generator running optimally and safely, we also provide replacement ceramic plates for the devices; the ceramic plate should be replaced every six months. This is a high-powered, professional-quality appliance which is even suited for air cleaning and sterilisation in laboratories, engineered by the same trusted manufacturers who produce our reliable ultrasonic cleaners. And like our precision scales, our ozone generators are designed to perform and to last, proving a solid investment; they can even be used to decontaminate surgical theatres. The rubber feet ensure maximum stability, and the automatic switch-off mode helps you to operate the machine safely.

It is important to note that ozone is a colourless gas which is toxic to humans and other living things in higher concentrations, so an ozone generator should not be operated by anyone without proper training. Precautions must be taken to ensure that ozone is not released in an uncontrolled way or released in enclosed areas where people and animals are present.