Home safes and key cabinets

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Affordable key cabinets & key box with combination lock

With safes from expondo you reliably protect your documents and papers or your personal valuables from unauthorized access or external influences such as a fire. For larger quantities of documents to be handled discreetly, you will also find lockable filing cabinets and hanging file cabinets for your office supplies in our portfolio. But you will also find special solutions such as deposit safes or server cabinets to protect your data in our range. Feel completely protected with expondo's security technology!

Fireproof safes & drawers

The right choice for efficient protection of documents, valuables, cash or data depends on both the area of application and the spatial conditions. In our store we offer special solutions in different sizes, which increase security in private as well as in business or public areas.

Small home safes

expondo offers furniture safes in different sizes and with different locking systems. They find versatile use: whether in a private setting for the valuable coin collection or rare pieces of jewelry, as a hotel safe for guests or in the office to protect sensitive documents.

Discover in our portfolio small safes that discreetly fit in the desk, but also medium and large versions that can almost be called a floor safe. All of our safes are made of sturdy steel construction and have mounting holes that allow for secure mounting from inside the safe. In addition, a soft fleece protects the contents from scratches and damage.

However, secure safes must convince not only by their stable construction, but especially by their lock. In our store you will find classic models with combination lock and keys, but also customizable safes and safes with fingerprint scanner for quick and easy access to your valuables.

Wall safes

If the volume of documents is high, a large safe can be used. However, lockable filing cabinets or hanging file cabinets are often sufficient as a type of inexpensive safe for securing documents.

expondo offers lockable metal cabinets in various sizes and designs. All models are made of sturdy steel construction and are equipped with high-quality mechanical locks and two keys. Thanks to their robust construction, the cabinets are ideal not only for use in the office, but also for harsher environments - such as an industrial hall or a workshop.

Secure home wall safe

Server or network cabinets are an indispensable part of IT security in private households, companies and organizations. They are a central and safe place where all hardware elements are stored clearly and quickly accessible.

All expondo server cabinets are made of carbon steel and thus have a high load capacity. They are equipped with a sturdy cylinder lock and two keys and protect servers and other IT accessories from unauthorized access. The ventilation slots provide passive ventilation at all times and ensure an optimal operating temperature. Some server cabinets also have a door made of tempered safety glass, which allows convenient monitoring of the server.

Cash boxes

A special form of safes are deposit safes. They have an insertion slot that can be used to deposit cash, envelopes or similar items in the safe without having to open it. They are particularly in demand where daily or shift income needs to be secured in an uncomplicated manner, and are mainly used in the catering industry or at service stations. You can also buy these special safes in the expondo store.

Which safes are the best?

If you don't want to buy a furniture safe right away for the secure storage of cash, you should think about purchasing a cash box or cash drawer. They are significantly less expensive to purchase than safes and offer great flexibility in storage due to their compact size and lighter weight.

The cash boxes and drawers in the range of expondo are made of steel and have a secure cylinder lock with two keys. Depending on the size and shape, inserts such as coin sorters or bill compartments ensure that cash is clearly sorted. The cash drawers in our store can additionally be opened via receipt printers or the POS system.

Closet safe

Whether for the safe, safe, server or filing cabinet, the cash box or for a room: in the key cabinet every key finds its place. Secure and clear key management is an absolute must, especially in companies and enterprises.

expondo also offers the right solutions here: Our key boxes and cabinets meet high security standards. They all have a sturdy lock and are made of high-quality steel. Colored tags and a register ensure that the keys are stored clearly - both are already included in the scope of delivery. Our range offers secure key cabinets for storage of 20 to 200 keys.

How secure are safes?

Safety does not have to be expensive! All our products in the field of security are made of high-quality materials and impress with a stable construction. Regardless of whether you want to buy a server cabinet or a safe cheap: At expondo, selection, price and quality are right!