Professional Metal Detector - 120 cm / 18 cm - Ø 21.5

Item number: EX10030308 / Model: SBS-MD-5

Professional Metal Detector - 120 cm / 18 cm - Ø 21.5

  • Item number: EX10030308
  • Model: SBS-MD-5
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Professional Metal Detector - 120 cm / 18 cm - Ø 21.5

Treasure hunting is an exciting hobby: With a little luck and patience, you can quickly make back more than your initial investment in equipment. The most important thing you need is a metal detector. Go on the hunt for jewelry, gold, silver, old relics or other metal elements with magnetic or non-magnetic properties. Various parameters can be set via the control panel. Among other features, the SBS-MD-5 metal detector has two different search modes. This is the ideal searching device for the beach, old castles, old battlefields, forests and fields as well as farmland. As an added bonus, this device is also perfect for locating cables in walls, ceilings and floors – you can even pinpoint water pipes with high precision.

Precise measuring technology - He who seeks, finds


The SBS-MD-5 Steinberg metal detector can detect large objects at a depth of up to 120 cm. Smaller objects such as coins can be precisely identified at a depth of up to 18 cm. You can choose between two search modes: The ALL METALS mode detects the majority of metals, has an automatic ground balance and is highly sensitive. With the DISC search mode, you can distinguish between certain types of metals and deactivate the alarm when certain ones are detected. The MOVE function enables broad searching by moving the device back and forth. The SENS function allows you to carry out a more exact terrain analysis of a specific area to pinpoint your find.


A great deal of care was put into constructing the metal detector to enable perfect and trouble-free searching over longer periods. You don’t have to hunch over while you search - simply adjust the telescopic arm to any height between 105 and 121 cm. The ergonomic design, comfortable padded arm rest and telescopic arm, as well as the light weight, make this detector an ideal tool for any treasure hunter, young or old. The angle of the search coil and the volume of both speakers and headphones can also be adjusted.

Sun, wind and rain - always ready for action


Bad weather such as rain or snow shouldn’t get in the way of your treasure hunt. For this reason, the metal detector search coil is waterproof. The metal detector can be used not only during downpours, but even for searching in shallow waters.


The headphone jack makes silently operating the metal detector possible; it is compatible with all headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. Thanks to the latest technology, the power consumption is very low - the metal detector uses only two 9 V batteries. Headphones and batteries are not included.


  • Two search modes – ALL METAL, DISC
  • Accurate searching - large objects: 120 cm depth; small objects: 18 cm depth
  • Convenient control panel - all features at a glance
  • Waterproof search coil - use in rain and in shallow waters
  • Pinpointing – precisely locate pieces underground

Key Facts

Item number
21.5 cm
Max. tracking depth large objects
120 cm
Max. tracking depth small objects (coins)
18 cm
Total length
105 - 121 cm
Operating frequency
6.5 ~ 6.8 kHz
Headphone jack
3.5 mm
2 x 9 V
Dimensions (LxWxH)
21.5 x 21.5 x 122.5 cm
1.09 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
52 x 28.5 x 15 cm
Shipping weight
1.9 kg

What type of battery should I use for this device?

The metal detector uses two 9 V batteries.

Is the search coil waterproof?

Yes, the search coil is waterproof.

  • Metal detector SBS-MD-5
  • Operating manual

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