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Portable power station - 512 Wh - up to 1.4 kW - 100 - 240 V - with built-in inverter

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Model: MSW-POWER 700

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Key features
  • Enduring - high capacity of 512 Wh
  • Powerful – with 700 W continuous power and 1400 W maximum power
  • versatile - with numerous connections: 4 x USB (A) / USB (Type C - up to 100 W) / cigarette lighter as well as two 230 V sockets
  • simple - with a 100 - 240 V input voltage range, rechargeable via mains or a solar panel (up to 200 W) (2,5 h)
  • Long-lasting – maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate battery
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Freedom meets safety with the portable generator from MSW

The portable power station from MSW is indispensable for anyone who wants to be prepared for the unexpected. With a 700 W continuous power and a 1400 W maximum power, it's powerful enough to charge your mobile phone, laptop and even your drone. And with a 100 - 240 V input voltage range, the power station works anywhere in the world and keeps your devices running even during power cuts and other emergency situations: The perfect companion for camping trips, road trips or instead of an emergency generator at home, in the office or workshop. Thanks to the generation of pure sine waves, the power station is even suitable for sensitive electronic devices in medical areas or laboratories.

Powerful Power Station with 1400 W peak power and a capacity of 512 Wh

With a capacity of 512 Wh at 20 Ah, the portable power station is literally a mobile power plant that, unlike a petrol generator, provides electricity completely without noise or emissions. Thanks to the four USB ports, one USB port (type C) and two 230 V sockets, you can also easily use the Power Station for several devices at the same time. To charge the unit, use either your solar panel (12 - 30 V / 200 W; not included in the scope of delivery), a cigarette lighter socket or a classic power socket (compatible with 100-240 V 50/60 Hz universal sockets for Japan, Switzerland, UK, EU countries, and Australia). If you charge the Power Station via a 230 V connection, the battery will be 100 % full overnight after about 2,5h; with the other two variants it will take correspondingly longer. 

At the same time, handling the Power Station with digital touchscreen for camping and more is uncomplicated and absolutely safe. The LED display provides information about the current charging status. The ultra-fast charging, LifePO4 battery is rated for 2000 charge cycles, maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly. Using the portable camping generator is even safer by the clever overloading and underloading management, which protects against short circuits, current surges and low currents, over loading and under loading, as well as against overloading and overheating of the unit. The aluminium housing impresses with its durability and reliably protects the inner workings of the Power Station.

Note: To ensure maximum safety during delivery, the battery has a charge level below 60%. We recommend charging the station after delivery.


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8 months ago Posted on Expondo United Kingdom


super great product, very helpful for camping.

9 months ago Posted on Expondo Italy

MSW-POWER700 portable power station

Excellent product, aesthetically beautiful. I purchased it so as not to be stuck in the event of a blackout, since I have electrified shutters and awnings. The tests I did passed great. Fully satisfied.

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10 months ago Posted on Expondo United Kingdom

I love this product !

I am a camping enthusiast, I would say the quality of this product is very good, and the product design is great. Now whenever I go camping I will bring it, no longer afraid of camping without a fan, without phone battery charging...etc This power bank can increase the happiness when I am doing camping. :)

10 months ago Posted on Expondo United Kingdom


The product look wonderful and is full of technology , I can't wait to play with it.

11 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

Very good !

I recommend the station, small, light and easy to carry. Powerful batteries easily power most electronics on trips and in emergency situations. Ultra fast charging for this capacity. Well secured

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo Ireland

Worth buying!

Very strong station with fast charging. Connected to MPPT200W - fast charging from the panel

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany


Really good product, fast charging and stylish design! TOP product.

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo United Kingdom

very nice design, smooth surface. quite heavy.

11 months ago Posted on Expondo Poland

Best - Travel

Bought a few weeks ago for a trip abroad, it performed very well! We had power throughout the trip. I recommend it 100%

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12 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

I also have to point out that the built-in batteries of this power bank device are simply amazing! They last a really long time and provide consistent performance which impressed me. Even though I have used the power bank in different situations, the durability of these batteries still remains amazing. It's really reassuring to know that I can rely on this power bank, whether traveling, camping or just as a backup for my smartphone and other devices. She has helped me in so many situations and I am completely happy with my purchase

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Frequently asked questions

How many charging cycles are possible?

You can charge the camping power station up to a minimum of 2000 times.

What is the capacity of the battery after 2000 charging cycles?

The battery capacity is still approx. 80 % after 2000 cycles

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes, the battery pack is replaceable, but not the battery cells.

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