Professional Tools

Professional Tools

Top quality for everyday use

When people think of professional tools, they think of wool and glitter. But our catalogue of professional tools is more heavy-duty: think rotary tools, enamelling kilns, welders and more. These are quality supplies for true craftsmen and -women, makers of all the most useful and beautiful things in life, from professional mechanics to home jewellers. Thanks to outstanding engineering by quality brands like MSW, and a wide range of options, you’ll find everything you need for your workshop or toolshed.


Reliable tools and equipment for any manual work

We have a vast range of professional tools and industrial equipment for repair, assembly and construction; it’s difficult to summarise the huge array of industries and project types we provide for! From power tools to soldering irons, winches to garage doors, we’re a trusted provider of quality tools and equipment for professional, semi-professional and private individuals. We source all our products from reliable brands with a quality pedigree, such as Stamos Germany, the main brand of our welding supplies. These brands work hard to produce tools which are intuitive and practical to use, meeting or surpassing all safety standards and providing exemplary results. Almost every product category, such as welding supplies, includes several options with different price points and different features, to suit every budget and use case. And to ensure that you can work while keeping all your fingers and toes, we also stock a wide range of safety equipment to accompany such tools. Our catalogue boasts professional tools with numerous extra features and cutting-edge technologies to ensure your work is as easy and accurate as possible: overheating signals, LED displays, ergonomic grips and many other finishing touches make these tools a preferred option for our customers. In order to keep up with the pressures and strains of full-time professional use, each tool is made out of high-quality, robust materials, with high resistance and a high output, such as our rotary hammers, which can produce up to 2300 beats per minute at 350rpm. We understand that each new tool is an investment – that’s why we ensure to provide only professional tools which will deliver long-term high performance.

Professional tools and power tools you can count on

Just like our extremely popular range of catering equipment, our professional tools are counted on by hundreds of professionals across Europe. As well as power tools both large and small, we provide extremely functional equipment such as automatic garage doors for any carport or industrial workshop, and even appliances for high-detail work, such as innovative smartphone repair tools designed to work with the most delicate smartphone builds. Our selection of powerful winches allow you to lift and move extremely heavy items – an essential functionality for any warehouse or mechanical workshop, especially when combined with a crane scale or floor scale to help you catalogue or price a particular item. But these professional tools are also ideal for home DIY-ers, small-scale crafters and even artists! A 250-watt polystyrene cutter, for example, is great for any sculptor looking to make a prototype, while our welders and soldering tools can be used in any home workshop or toolshed for those home repair projects you’d rather take care of yourself! So next time you’re shopping our diverse catalogue, why not take a look at our range of professional tools and kit yourself out with a new burnishing machine, plasma cutter or mains adapter. Make sure your project is a success with the right equipment from the right supplier.