Trolley - 800 kg

Item number: EX10060013 / Model: PROCAT 800

Trolley - 800 kg
Trolley - 800 kg
Trolley - 800 kg
Trolley - 800 kg

Trolley - 800 kg

  • Item number: EX10060013
  • Model: PROCAT 800
  • In the product range since: 2008

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Trolley - 800 kg


  • Strong traction of up to 800 kg
  • Pulley with 360 degrees rotation
  • Fast lifting speed 8 m/min, with pulley 4 m/min
  • Manoeuvrable sliding chassis for curvy roads
  • 2.4 m wired remote control with strain relief for optimum safety

Key facts

Trolley - 800 kg

Are you looking for a sturdily constructed and reliable trolley for your warehouse? Then we have the right solution for you - the inexpensive PROCAT 800 trolley with electric cable from MSW. The professional trolley was developed for professional workers and is particularly suitable for large warehouses or closed spaces, but also outdoors.

The professional device for the professional craftsman


The hoist has a 12 m stable steel rope with a pulling force of 400 kg. With the pulley, the traction force doubles to 800 kg. You can transport various heavy objects from one storage place to the next without any problems. The loading hook has a safety lock, so the cargo is always secure.


When inserting the pulley, the lifting height is reduced by half to 6 m and the lifting speed goes to 4 m / min from the previous 8 m / min. Due to the load hook, the load is always fixed to the 5.1 mm thick steel cable. The solid CK45 steel cable, which is not susceptible to torsion, is wear-resistant and extremely durable. The overload protection guarantees that the trolley works reliably and efficiently for a long time, and the 1,800 watts engine will not overheat.


The sliding chassis of the trolley allows you to move it through a curvy territory as long as the turn radius is at least 1 m. The sliding chassis has a speed of 13 m / min. An electromagnetic braking system ensures a quiet operation and holds the load without effort. The deflection hook can be rotated by 360 degrees, allowing for an easier access to the cargo from all sides.


The cable is controlled by a cable remote control, which has a length of 2.4 m for a more comfortable operation. Another highlight is the attached strain relief, which ensures that you can safely work with your trolley at any time. The cable of the remote control is spared, which further increases the already long service life.


The trolley PROCAT 800 is mounted onto a steel girder with a width of 68 - 94 mm and a height of at least 110 mm. You can use a wide flange, I-beam or double T-beam for a steel profile. The high-quality trolley from MSW removes all obstacles for the transportation of large goods.

Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
Engine power
1,800 W
Power, traverse
540 W
Traction without pulley
400 kg
Traction with pulley
800 kg
Lift without pulley
12 m
Lift with pulley
6 m
Lifting speed without pulley
8 m/min
Lifting speed with pulley
4 m/min
Traverse speed
13 m/min
Minimum, curve radius
1 m
Diameter, steel rope
Ø 5,1 mm
Length, steel rope
12 m
Cable tear resistance
> 2.000 kg
Material, gears
CK 40
Type of grease
Protection class
IP 54
Insulation class
Exposure time
S3 20% -10 min
Cable length, remote control
2.4 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
49 x 41 x 41 cm
35.5 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
54 x 48 x 49 cm
Shipping weight
39.1 kg

How long is the cable for the remote control?

The cable is 240 cm long.

Do I have to use the pulley?

No, you don’t need to use the pulley. If you do use the pulley, the traction increases to 800 kg.

How long does it take until the overload protection of the trolley comes on?

The engine of the electrical winch has a S3-20% 10 minutes system. One duty cycle takes 10 minutes. The device runs for two minutes and rests for eight minutes. It doesn’t have a continuous operation.

  • Trolley PROCAT 800
  • Electrical winch
  • Snatch Block Pulley
  • Instruction manual