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CO2 meter - 400 - 6000 ppm - incl. temperature and humidity

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Model: SBS-CO-6000

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Key features
  • Effective – records the CO2 value accurately via a NDIR sensor
  • Versatile - measures carbon dioxide levels, temperature and humidity
  • Visible – colored LCD display with all three measuring ranges at a glance, color display of the different measuring ranges and alarm function
  • Precise – measurement results for temperature with an accuracy of ±1.5 °C / 2.7 °F °C, for CO2 ±50 ppm + 5% and humidity ±5%
  • Robust – durable measuring device made of Plastic (ABS) for standing or hanging on the wall
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The CO2 measuring device for a safe indoor climate

People breathe, machines steam, both produce carbon dioxide. What seems quite natural at first, can lead to health damage in excess. The CO2 measuring device SBS-CO-6000 from Steinberg Systems, the experts in measuring technology, tells you how high the CO2 pollution is. In addition, you can find out the values for the temperature, the humidity, the date and time - all at a glance.

Precise measurement results with the CO-2 meter - also for temperature and humidity

On the large LCD display of the CO-2 meter, the carbon dioxide content is shown in large digits that are easy to read. To precisely determine the CO2 content, the measuring device uses an NDIR sensor that uses infrared radiation to determine the saturation with CO2 molecules. This gives you very quickly accurate measurement results of the carbon dioxide concentration in the air. For a quick overview, the measuring ranges are color-coded (green: 400 to 700 ppm, yellow: 700 to 1500 ppm, red: over 1500 ppm). Above 700 an alarm tone sounds every two seconds, above 1500 ppm the alarm becomes more urgent with two beeps per second.
In addition, the device for indoor climate monitoring provides you with precise measurements of temperature and humidity. You can read the values on the display with an accuracy of 1 units. The temperature is measured in a range of -20 - 60 °C. Humidity is displayed in a range of 1 - 99 %%. All values are updated after < 1 s, so that you are always up to date for humidity, temperature or CO2 content.
The CO2 meter is housed in a sturdy housing made from Plastic (ABS). This allows the air quality monitor to withstand large fluctuations in temperature or humidity. For flawless operation, charge the integrated lithium battery (18650) via a USB Type-C connection. When charged, the battery supplies the measuring device with power for 12 hours. You always have an overview of the charge status via a display. If necessary, use the 90 cm long USB cable to exchange data with a computer.
Control the air humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide content with the CO2 measuring device from Steinberg Systems and ensure an optimal indoor climate!


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