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Measuring Devices

Discover our range of measuring devices for surveying and more

Surveying, measuring and preparing large areas of ground is important across a wide range of professions from science and ecology, gardening and landscaping, to sports and events preparation. For measuring long and short distance, testing surfaces, and aligning and installing objects, our full range of measuring devices make your job easier and more accurate. Versatile, light-weight and easy to set-up, if you’re job requires surveying land in any way, these are the perfect addition to your industrial equipment range. Check out the full range below.

Go the distance!

  • Ideal for surveying, construction and sport events
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Highly accurate
  • Use indoors and out
  • Up to 10,000m of distance
  • Long-lasting

Our measuring devices are ideal for survey worker, construction sites, landscaping and gardening equipment, sporting event co-ordinators and more – any job which requires measurement and alignment across significant spaces of land. They can also be used in more compact environments, such as interior design for aligning fixtures and furniture in kitchens and bathrooms. For anyone carrying out archaeological, scientific, or ecological surveys or simply marking out land for crops and other agricultural tasks, our measuring equipment helps you to keep track of distances as you go. Our measuring devices are designed for professional use and built to a long-lasting, high standard. Our distance measuring tool from the experts at Steinberg Systems gives allows you to measure up to 10,000m of land with smooth and ergonomic handling at every step. The non-abrasive, hard rubber-coated plastic wheel is not only highly durable, but also makes it possible for you to take precise measurements even on uneven ground. The digital measuring tool also gives you up to 10,000m of measurement use and allows you to save up to five sets of measurement data, ready to analyse later.

More great measuring options

  • Stainless steel measuring tape
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Self-levelling laser
  • Ideal for lining up furniture, photo frames
  • Measuring equipment for labs
  • Wide range of professional tools

Another great option in our measuring device range is our durable stainless steel open reel measuring tape with an exact scale in centimetre and millimetres. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this measuring device features a 50m stainless steel tape with scales of in centimetres and millimetres. The open reel tape is compact and easy to use, Another of our versatile measuring devices, our self-levelling laser is great for indoor use and also smaller areas, outside. The laser helps you to align various objects, including furniture, pictures or shelves and even outdoor furniture and fixtures. The head of the self-levelling laser can be turned 360 degrees making it flexible to use. This measuring device is easy to set up and comes with a tripod to set up the right height. Achieve great measurement accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m. We’ve also got a huge selection of measuring devices for labs and schools in our measuring equipment range including data loggers, power supplies, and metal detectors. Our metal detectors are ideal for surveying land and for both professional and casual metal detecting. Whether you’re working in archaeology or simply metal-detecting for fun, our metal detectors can be used on a wide range of terrains and even in wet conditions. Our temperature data loggers are a great measuring device for labs, medical and even ecological studies, allowing you to record a variety of variables from temperature and humidity to air pressure. When it comes to landscaping, construction, and maintenance, the Expondo range has you covered. Check out our full range of professional tools featuring drainage devices, garage equipment and a wide range of power tools such as drills, sanders and welding devices.