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Food Vacuum Sealer Set with 4 Vacuum Bags - 15 to 30 cm - ABS - 32 cm - Black Edition

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Key features
  • Vacuum cleaner Black Edition immediately ready for use with 4 vacuum bag rolls
  • Vacuum bags up to 32 cm wide fit the device perfectly
  • Faster airtight packaging with a capacity of 16 l/m
  • Universal application for food, cosmetics, electronics and other products
  • Sous-Vide cooking - particularly gentle cooking in the bag
  • Easy and comfortable handling by means of 6 functions
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Food Vacuum Sealer Set with 4 Vacuum Bags - 15 to 30 cm - ABS - 32 cm - Black Edition

Extend your food's shelf life by sealing it airtight in film with the vacuum sealer RCVG-32P. With the set RCVG-SET4, you have four different vacuum foil rolls at your fingertips, which allow you to produce perfectly fitting bags for differently shaped foodstuffs, as well as objects.
If vegetables, meat and sauces are kept airtight, they both retain their original taste and remain available for a long time. This allows you to use your food supplies for longer periods of time in restaurants, hotels or catering events. Vacuumed foodstuffs, as well as other products such as cosmetics and electronic parts, also have the advantage of being stored in a space-saving manner and safely protected from dust and dirt.
The device’s housing is made of ABS, so that the unit meets the highest hygienic standards. The RCVG-32P vacuum sealer from Royal Catering completely removes the air from the plastic bag in which the goods were previously placed. The closing mechanism ensures that the bag is not damaged and that the air cannot leak.
The airtight packed food can not only be stored and frozen, but is also particularly suitable for the gentle sous vide cooking. The shrink-wrapped food is cooked for up to seven hours at a moderate temperature of 55 to 60 °C. With this even cooking method, the nutrients in the food are preserved and develop their full flavour.
The bag size of the packaging film can be selected individually up to a width of 32 cm, while the length is freely selectable. When the vacuum process is finished, the bag opening is sealed airtightly with a 3 mm wide seam. Airtight sealing your food prevents deterioration processes, for example by oxidation, and neither fungi nor bacteria can form in the bag. The food remains fresh for longer and can be stored frozen even for months.
The machine has a convenient roll compartment, in which you can store the packaging film roll and easily cut vacuum bags of different lengths. It is operated via a digital touchpad with LED display, which enables precise and repeatable results. The vacuum sealer offers a wide range of functions with which you can safely pack your goods:
  • With the vacuum function, vacuuming and sealing the goods is carried out automatically in a single operation;
  • the Cancel function stops the vacuum process if necessary;
  • the speed function regulates the vacuuming speed
  • the canister function vacuums external containers via a tube
  • the food function adapts the vacuum process to dry or wet foodstuffs
  • the pulse function is used to individually adjust settings such as pressure and the duration of the vacuuming process.
  • lastly, the seal function is used if the packaging film only needs to be sealed.
Each roll is 600 cm long and 15-30 cm wide. Depending on the product, you can cut the necessary foil length to suit your needs. Whenever you need to shrink-wrap some eels or a handful of beans, these vacuum rolls can easily reduce them to the required length. In these situations, the cut-off foil will form a tube, which you can simply fuse with a vacuum device from both sides.
The vacuum bag rolls are all 105 μm thick and remarkably durable and tear-resistant. Thanks to a specially designed microstructure, the bag material is especially easy to vacuum seal. This set includes a total of 4 rolls (one of 600 x 15 cm, one of 600 x 20cm, one of 600 x 25 and one of 600 x 30 cm), which amounts to 24 meters of foil.


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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Sweden


Bought it in 2019 and used it now it's gone bad but I called support and will send it back so we'll see if I get a new one or if they fix it it doesn't weld properly but other than that I'm very happy but the machine seems to be a top machine that you can also buy for if you want to suck out of a container.

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