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Welding Set TIG Welder - 250 A - 230 V - Pulse + Welding helmet – Firestarter 500 - ADVANCED SERIES

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Item: EX18000131

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • for TIG DC and MMA welding processes
  • MOSFET technology
  • pulse function
  • down slope: current drop adjustable from 0 to 5 seconds
  • pulse frequency: pulse frequency adjustable from 0.5 to 25 Hz
  • with powerful ventilators
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The inverter welder S-WIGMA 250P by Stamos Germany is marked by highest reliability thanks to the robust construction and use of newest technologies. It works with an input voltage of 230 V and, thanks to the stable but light materials, has a weight of only 10.95 kg at 20 x 43 x 29 cm size. The S-WIGMA 250P’s welding current can be regulated between 5 and 250 Ampere so that the device can be ideally adjusted to individual conditions. The TIG welder S-WIGMA 250P works with the MOSFET technology and reaches an energy use efficiency level of 93%. Here the welding seams high quality is ensured through a constant power supply.
Welding helmet
The Fire Starter 500 welding helmet by the Advanced Series from Stamos Germany - the best choice for professional and hobby welders
The automatic Firestarter 500 welding helmet from the Advanced Series from Stamos Germany is characterized by its light weight and good response speed. The welding helmet is extremely versatile and can be used within all common welding processes (MIG welding, MAG / CO2 welding, manual welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting and micro plasma cutting).
In addition, the automatic welding helmet Firestarter 500 is known for its long-lasting visibility (cartridges). The cartridges are powered by solar cells and 2 CR2450 batteries. The welding helmet works with an exemplary range of light protection from DIN 9 - 13. The size of the screen is an extraordinary 98 x 55 mm. In this way, you can always keep an overview of all the essential details.
The welding helmet is made of robust plastic. This ensures that the welding mask weighs only about 500 grams and that you do not have to worry about any restrictions or pain during work. A particularly prominent characteristic of the Firestarter 500 is the simple adaptation to every head shape. Also adjustable is the distance between the face and the visor. This guarantees that the helmet sits extremely securely and can be used first-class.
In addition, Advanced Series welding helmets have an outstanding response time of 1 / 30,000 seconds from light to dark. This means that you are always protected from dangerous arcs. The outstanding reaction time also allows for a seamless transition without the eyes being too stressed or requiring a prolonged adaptation time.


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