Welding Kits

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Welding is an age-old craft that applies to countless industries from engineering and construction to furniture design. Across the board, it must be carried out with care and precision. Luckily, modern technology has made it easier to work with a wide range of weldable materials both safely and quickly. With a selection of models available from the Stamos Germany range, finding the right welding kit for you has never been easier.

For all your welding needs

Our welding kit selection features a range of professional-grade models, suitable across a variety of industries. Stamos are known for their reasonably priced, high-class products which offer a perfect combination of intuition, experience, safety, and modern innovation. A Stamos welding kit is the ideal addition to your industrial equipment for industry professionals such as automotive engineers and construction workers, and for tradesmen working in plumbing and repairs. For craftsmen such as sculptors and designers and even for private DIY use, our welding kit options are safe and intuitive to use, giving you years of return on investment. In our full range of welding kits, you’ll find a diverse selection of MIG, MAG and TIG devices, as well as stick welders, plasma cutters and the expert grade aluminium welding kit. Our cheapest welding kit is the E-Hand Welding Device, an intuitive stick welder that offers excellent ease-of-use when manipulating a wide range of materials, and is ideal for home use. Our expert MIG/MAG welding kit is a powerful and innovative machine for precise results when working with steel, copper, brass and more. Its digital display offers the user maximum precision and control during use. In our full range of TIG welders, you’ll find a selection of models ideal for precision welding, giving you attention to detail while saving energy. And for working with metal of up to an inch in thickness, our plasma cutters offer powerful and precise results at home, in the workshop, or on site.

Safety first!

Safety comes first at Expondo, whether you’re upgrading your craft supplies or even investing in brand new catering equipment. Across industries, we pride ourselves on selecting products that allow you to work more safely and intuitively. Each Stamos welding kit is built to German industry standards with quality safely helmet included to fully protect craftsmen during their welding activities. Our helmets are made of extremely resistant nylon and feature quality lenses for a full protection against sparks, dirt and UV rays during welding operations (replacement lenses also available to buy separately). Helmets are made from lightweight materials for minimal discomfort, and offer constant and accurate view of your work thanks to their wide and neat field of vision. They are also intuitively designed to be used with various types of welding kit, from MIG welders to plasma cutters. Powered by solar cells, there is no need to interrupt your work to charge your helmet. The glass features excellent reaction speed, becoming clear in a fraction of a second and allowing you to move quickly between each welding phase with minimal strain to the eyes. For added ease-of-use, the viewing angle, visor placement and headband can be adjusted to suit the user. Experts will also appreciate the “grinding” function which automatically turns off obfuscation, allowing you to examine your work without removing the helmet. Combine your welding kit with a pair of welding gloves for maximum protection, to shield your hands from exposure, cuts and abrasions while you work. Take a look at our full range of power tools for more ideas on saving time, working safely and getting quality results wherever you work.