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Products for all your health & beauty needs

The health and beauty experts at Physa offer a wide selection of products that are suitable for furnishing a number of different facilities. Whether you are searching for reliable equipment for medical use, like in hospitals, doctors, laboratories, and nursing homes, or if you’re in the market for durable cosmetic equipment for your spa, salon, hairdresser, tattoo parlour, or for your own private use at home, you can bet that we have a product to tend to all of your health & beauty needs.

Equipment that you can rely on

  • Products for medical and cosmetic care
  • High quality materials
  • A wide range of colours and models
  • Adaptable to specific needs

When it comes to buying health & beauty equipment, it is important to have peace of mind in the quality and comfort of the products that you are investing in. Health & beauty equipment is regularly used in medical and cosmetic professions – areas where reliable products are essential in providing a quality customer, client or patient experience. Especially when searching for some new additions to the medical supplies for hospitals, doctors, labs or nursing homes, you want products that can guarantee durability, reliability and comfort for each user – our ranges of trolleys, work stools, rollators, rollator bags, anatomy models and electric blankets for example, are made of high-quality materials to ensure exactly that. And Physa do not just stop with the medical sector - when it comes to cosmetic needs of privates and professionals, our catalogue boasts a wide range of health & beauty products in a wide range of colours and models to furnish your professional cosmetic and wellness studio, no matter your profession; hairdressers, salons, skin treatment professionals, make up artists and tattoo artists included! For specific areas, simply take a look - if you are in the business of professional skin treatment for example, don’t miss out on a look at our massage and wellness supplies for spas and salons. Or perhaps you’re a tattoo artist, searching for the most comfortable tattoo chair for your client – whatever it is, we have products adaptable to many of your specific health & beauty needs!

Personal, professional or both

  • Products for private home use
  • Smart functioning
  • Niche professions

The health & beauty experts of Physa also provide a wide variety of products for use in your personal home routine. For at home medical care, we have many reliable products for extra comfort and security – our rollators are a smart-functioning addition to any individual who might need an extra helping hand around the house. Looking after yourself Is important too - after a long day’s work, or an early morning start, sometimes you just need something in your day to provide a little extra ‘me time’. Our neck massagers, foot massagers, electric blankets or massage pillows are also clever functioning additions to any health & beauty home routine, providing a professional treatment at a low-cost price. Or perhaps you are after a five-start treatment all day long – then get your hands on one of our LED beauty mirrors for your at home health & beauty needs – our largest beauty mirror for hair styling and make up application is a customer favourite! And if your profession falls in a more specific area than medical and cosmetic care, don’t worry, we at Expondo have got you covered – our full Expondo catalogue is packed full of products for every professional and personal need that you can imagine. Looking for educational equipment? Check out our life-sized brain model for classrooms or our foot skeleton model for laboratories. What are you waiting for?