Manual Drain Pump

These days there are countless high-tech plumbing gadgets and devices that can make quick work of a blocked drain or pipe. But any good professional knows that it’s important to be stocked with hard-wearing manual tools that stand the test of time. Our manual drain pump selection from the experts at MSW combines the age-old drainage technique of water-suction with modern, hard-wearing materials. Powerful, light-weight, and versatile, you can see why it’s an important part of any maintenance toolbox, at home or in the workplace.

Lightweight, powerful, and easy to use!

Blockages and obstructions in any drainage system are not only extremely unpleasant, but can also lead to long-term or irreversible damage if left ignored, leading to costly drainage treatments, repairs, or replacements. So, it’s best to tackle the problem as quickly as possible. Having a simple and reliable manual tool at the ready is a great idea, whether it’s for your home, your business, or your toolkit as a plumbing or maintenance professional. Indeed, you don’t need to be an expert to operate a manual drain pump. Quick and intuitive to use, the manual drain pump uses the natural power of water suction to flush out the offending blockage and restore water-flow immediately. As you can imagine, it’s not only great for sinks and bathtubs, but also in busy kitchens where washing-up is just as important as cooking and serving. Our smaller manual drain pump is 70mm in diameter and is ideal for sinks, showers and toilets. Our larger manual drain pump is 100mm in diameter, and is therefore ideal for larger drains. Whichever model you choose, both can be quickly and easily adapted to suit the task at hand using the rubber adapters (included). Along with your manual drain pump, you’ll find a short rubber adapter for wash basins and tubs, a long rubber adapter for toilets and a wide adapter for larger systems. To operate, the upper handle of the manual drain pump is pulled so that the pipe is filled with water. It is then pushed in the opposite direction, resulting in high water-pressure which can dissolve even stubborn blockages, and fast.

Invest in a classic manual drain pump for your plumbing supplies

For the Expondo range, we select products that will suit your home or business on many levels. We prioritise price, quality, safety, and results from our range of catering supplies to the products found in our industrial supplies range. The same can be said for our craft supplies. Another factor we take into account is the environment. Not only does a manual drain pump require no electricity, but it also cancels the need to use harsh and corrosive chemicals. The same can be said of our powerful manual drain cleaners, available in various sizes and models. Unlike the pump, which uses suction, our manual cleaners excavate and remove the blockages using sturdy, flexible snake coils. The pipe-cleaning coils can be extended up to 7.5m (depending on the chosen model), to excavate materials way below the surface. Highly malleable yet robust, the steel spring cable can manoeuvre even sharp bends in your draining system without twisting or breaking, while retaining a powerful mechanical force. The next level-up from these manual devices are our powerful drain cleaning machines, suitable also for outdoor drains and sewers. Choose from a wide selection of professional machines, varying in length and power, each housed in a robust, easy-to-transport casing, and suitable to use with all of our draining accessories. These include an assortment of augers and cutters which can be adapted easily, as well as our range of plumbing snake cables, used to extend your device. Choose cables of up to 18.6m in length and up to 32mm in diameter. No-matter the blockage, we’ve got the draining solution for you!