General Cutters and Augers

Cleaning and unblocking outdoor drains and internal piping can be a tough and unpredictable task, and no one-size-fits-all tool is really up to the task. That’s why we stock a wide range of general cutters and augers to be compatible with our draining machines and devices. After all, when your tools are optimised for each task, the results are quicker and more reliable. Take a look at our full selection featuring blade cutters, grease cutters, straight and funnel augers, and more, all designed to fit our professional drainage devices from MSW.

A wide range of general cutters and augers to optimise your drainage device

The Expondo range of drain cleaning tools is chosen for specialists in the plumbing trade, cleaning and maintenance professionals, and even home users. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. After all, pipes come in various shapes and sizes, and blockages and the factors that cause them can be extremely unpredictable. Starting with the basics, our best value bulb auger is a must-have in any plumber’s toolkit. Perfect for clogged toilets, drainpipes and sewer systems, with the flexible bulb auger, you can easily reach into narrow pipe bends and perforate heavy blockages. The bulbous shape offers excellent control, and helps it to gradually chisel and remove even stubborn debris. The bulb auger can be used with any device with a T-slot coupling and a coil diameter of 16mm. Amongst our other augers, you’ll also find straight, retrieving and funnel shapes, suitable with a range of coil sizes up to 32mm. For really heavy duty tasks, take a look at our professional saw cutter from our range of general cutters and augers. The heavy duty saw-tooth head is the expert tool to cut through blockages and thoroughly clean the sides of your pipes. It also gives you a thorough finish after using one of our basic general cutters and augers. This saw cutter can be used with any device with a T-slot coupling and a coil diameter of 32mm. This is just one of the cutting fixture you’ll find in our selection of general cutters and augers, as well as C-shaped, grease and blade model, suitable with a range of coil sizes up to 32mm.

With our general cutters and augers, you can quickly customise your drainage device to the task at hand. Choose from individually sold drill heads above, or one of our drainage accessories sets. Our favourite set of drain clearing accessories features three models of augers as well as a robust blade cutter and an easy-to-change combination mechanism. Everything featured in our general cutter and augers range is made of durable materials, especially designed for use in wet environments. We ensure that each model offers you a safe and environmentally friendly drainage option, by eliminating the need for corrosive chemicals. To help you reach and tackle even the most awkward blockage, our range of plumbing snake cables are just the solution. With coil diameters of up to 32mm and lengths of over 18m our plumbing snakes made from high-quality spring steel, provide the necessary flexibility and mechanical force to remove any blockage. These durable cables are easily assembled, and cannot be bent or twisted, making them extremely hard-wearing. Each of our general cutters and augers, and snake cables, are compatible with our selection of draining machines from MSW. Choose from our basic to our expert model, all designed for both indoor and outdoor used, and built with efficiency and mobility in mind. Each model is lightweight and housed in compact casing for easy transportation. For more examples of efficient professional tools at great value, look no further than our selection of craft supplies and our industrial equipment, and of course, our renowned range of catering equipment for professionals and home-users alike.