Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Top quality for everyday use

In industry, there is no question: poor-quality industrial equipment can be the death of your business. From laboratories to construction sites, factories to jewellers’ workshops, good industrial equipment is always worth the investment. Luckily, the quality equipment in expondo’s wide-ranging catalogue is nonetheless suited to every budget and customer need, ensuring that your investment is worth it – even in the long term. We pride ourselves on providing robust, effective and user-friendly equipment for the full spectrum of industry.


The tools you need for your daily operations

We source all our industrial equipment, whether it be chain hoists or precision scales, only from reputable brands such as Steinberg Systems and Ulsonix – brands which we have carefully assessed to meet our high standards. That means that our industrial equipment will stand the test of time, staying tough and functional even with intensive everyday use. Our lifting equipment, for example, is built using the highest-quality materials and features modern technology such as high-powered lifting magnets to provide far more than the bare minimum in terms of both performance and longevity. This is true of all of our industrial equipment; thanks to quality construction using high-end materials, each product resists corrosion, wear and tear, while also being well-suited for the conditions of the workplace where it will be used. We provide powerful and reliable power tools which combine perfectly with our industrial appliances and equipment to outfit any workshop, building site or factory for the job at hand. Our safety equipment helps to protect workers from injury, while the ergonomic features of each tool or appliance make them easy and comfortable to use. And unlike many providers of industrial equipment, we are just as happy to fulfil the needs of private customers – for example, if you are setting up a DIY station in your home, starting a new hobby or even teaching a vocational subject at a school or college.

Industrial equipment for every requirement

Whether you are lifting a palette of cinderblocks or measuring a precise quantity of a reagent, you need the right equipment to do it. That’s where we come in. For every product, we make sure it does its job well – our lifting equipment is strong, reliable and hard-wearing, while our measuring equipment such as our range of scales is built with precision in mind. We also stock cleaning and purification equipment such as ozone generators and a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners, equally useful in a lab or in a jewellers’, where our melting furnaces might also come in handy. Furthermore, our catalogue often offers additional accessories or extensions to individual items of industrial equipment, such as winches which can be used with our crane lifts and other lifting tools. These add-ons allow you to replace individual parts if they break, or to extend the functionality of the product to perfectly suit your needs. Professionals in the catering or hospitality industries will also find our range of professional catering equipment a priceless resource for top-quality tools and appliances, both automatic and manual. Most products are available with different features and variations, such as levels of precision for our scales or maximum loads for our lifting equipment, meaning that you can find a tool which is best suited for its purpose – no need to pay for a 3-ton hoist when you will only be lifting 600kg maximum! From warehouses to workshops, assembly lines to bespoke manufacturing, you will find the industrial equipment you need in our online catalogue.