Plumbing Snake Cable

Our range of plumbing and drainage devices cater for all levels of skill, from home-users to plumbing and maintenance professionals. Whatever your skill-level, a stubborn blocked will often require a powerful mechanical tool –better yet, one that is easy to transport, intuitive to use, and offers immediate results. Suitable with toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and other draining systems, choose a plumbing snake cable from the experts at MSW for a powerful, light-weight solution for your drainage needs.

Choose a sturdy plumbing snake cable to tackle blocked drains and pipes

A plumbing snake cable is a fantastic mechanical solution for exploring your piping network, detecting obstacles, and eliminating blockages, while limiting the use of harsh chemicals. This indispensable plumbing tool is extremely versatile, and can be used with indoor systems, sewers, outdoor drains, and even sharply curved pipes. In our range of plumbing tools, we feature four modular plumbing snake cable sets, which can be assembled to your desired length. Our basic plumbing snake cable set consists of five 2.3m cables reaching a maximum length of 13.9m. With a diameter of 16mm, it is suitable with drain pipes with a diameter of up to 100mm. It can be used with most common pipe cleaning machines, including some of those featured in our range of drain cleaning machines. Use the T-Groove clutch to quickly and safely attach your chosen pipe cleaning tool to the end of the spiral. For more extensive tasks, try our expert plumbing snake cable set, featuring four 4.65m cables reaching up to 18.6m. With a wider diameter of 32mm, it’s suitable with drain pipes with a diameter of up to 200mm. Each of our plumbing snake cable sets come with a spiral basket, used to recoil, store and transport your cables, and is made from high-quality spring steel, which combines vital flexibility and impressive mechanical force to remove any blockage, while being resistant to bends and damage.

At Expondo, we understand that every business, entrepreneur and home-enthusiast has a different set of needs. Whether you’re looking to restock your catering equipment or to upgrade your industrial supplies, we balance reliable basics with innovative gadgets and tools. The same can be said for our plumbing devices. In our craft supplies section, you’ll also find a selection of manual tools that combine classic plumbing techniques with the reliability of modern design. In our manual drain cleaner range, you can choose from two sizes of manual plumbing snakes, for effectively unblocking sinks, bathtubs and toilet systems. Unlike the plumbing snake cable sets above, these cables are operated using a manual crank. Choose between 90 and 165cm models, both offering great access to hard-to-reach areas in your plumbing system. These handheld tools feature ergonomically-shaped, non-slip plastic handles allowing you control and comfort while you work, and are suitable for both left and right-handed users. For an expert’s choice, you can invest in the Drain Clean 7.6 - another quality plumbing snake from MSW. With a 7.6m snake and an intuitive handheld crank system, it generates an impressive cleaning force for tacking stubborn blockages. Another effective manual tool, and a must-have for anyone in the plumbing trade or simply in your cleaning closet, is a reliable manual drain pump. Select your choice of 70 or 100mm diameter models, depending on the task at hand. These remarkably simple devices use the power of water suction to remove offending blockages and resume water-flow. Thanks to its rubber adapters (included) in varied lengths and widths, the pump is suitable for various plumbing areas (restaurant kitchen sinks etc). Simply pull on the upper-handle so that the pipe is filled with water, then push in the opposite direction to create powerful water pressure that dissolves even stubborn blockages.