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Everything in view: Binoculars for sports, hunting and walking

Operas and sporting events, nature and the night sky - there is a lot to see in this world. Whether at cultural events or on walks, we are not always close enough to the action to be able to observe everything closely. Binoculars in various designs are then our best companions to bring even far away things closer and to be able to look at them. But what are the differences between the many models and which binoculars are best for which purpose? Learn here how to interpret the indications of field glasses and how to find the right binoculars for your trips.

26, 42 and 56 - what do the numbers mean for binoculars?

Anyone who wants to buy binoculars will encounter specifications such as 8x56 or 10x26. These values describe the magnification factor (this is 8 or 10 for most binoculars) and the lens diameter in mm. So while the first value magnifies the subject by either eight or ten times, the lens size determines how much light can enter the binoculars. The larger the lens, the more light falls on it and the better the view at dusk, for example. However, as the lens size increases, the binoculars also become larger and heavier.

Binoculars with porro prisms or roof prisms - what is the difference?

Common binoculars are equipped with either porro prisms or roof prisms. These prisms ensure that the image created upside down is straightened for our eye.
In porro binoculars, the prisms are oriented so that the incident light beam follows rectangular shapes. This classic design enables very good optical image quality. Porro binoculars can be recognized by the fact that the eyepieces and objectives are offset from each other. This prism system enables very plastic vision. The focus is on the outside.
Binoculars with roof prisms have higher quality and more complex machined components. Here, the beam path runs at acute angles, as with a house roof. The name also comes from this portrait. The image quality corresponds to the excellent image sharpness of porro binoculars with good workmanship. Due to the design of the roof edge binoculars, there may be a shift in the light phases. This shift affects the contrast and can lead to beam effects. To correct for these limitations, good roof prism binoculars have a phase correction coating. Due to the more modern design, binoculars with roof prisms usually get a compact and slim shape. In addition, the models are well protected from contaminants such as water and dust. The focusing mechanism here is inside the tube.

How to choose good binoculars according to your needs

Before you buy binoculars, you should ask yourself what exactly you want to observe with them. If it should be animals in a field during daytime walks, then compact binoculars with a smaller lens size are sufficient. In limited light conditions, a model with a larger lens diameter is recommended.
At expondo you can buy binoculars suitable for leisurely walks in nature in good light conditions, as well as for rainy days and tours through the forest, such as hunting.

Compact binoculars - great for wildlife observation, sport events, or sightseeing

For cultural events where the action is not quite so far away, binoculars or even monoculars with a small objective diameter are sufficient. Thanks to their compact shape, they fit in any pocket and are easy to carry.

Best binoculars for bird watching

The wide range of expondo includes handy universal and compact binoculars that you can take anywhere. With a magnification factor of 7 to 10 and objectives with a diameter of up to 56 mm, these models provide a clear view even in limited light conditions. In addition, the binoculars are waterproof and fogproof, so you can go on an observation tour even on rainy days. Even globetrotters who spend time in areas with high humidity maintain full visibility.
Nature lovers who want to observe the behavior of animals in your absence, we recommend buying a camera. Wildlife cameras for fixed mounting and moving recordings even at night can be found in the store of expondo.

For amateur astronomers: binoculars as an introduction to stargazing

The observational journey through the starry sky fascinates many people. With binoculars, the introduction to astronomy is successful for young and old. The advantage with binoculars: the purchase costs are low and the equipment is quickly packed. In addition, the wide field of view of binoculars, often lying in the range of 6 to 8°, allows the observation of extended celestial bodies.
For observations of planets and stars on a more professional scale, expondo offers telescopes in many different designs.

Perfectly equipped: Binoculars and accessories in the expondo online store

Whether on hikes or trips, during hunting or sporting events, at expondo you can get the right equipment for your journeys of discovery. Among other things, you can find backpacks with tripod holder and practical interior partitioning. On the one hand, this offers space for all individual parts, such as lenses, cables or even the laptop, and on the other hand, sufficient padding to protect the sometimes sensitive components of your equipment. Make sure here that the load capacity is appropriate.