Stainless Steel Furniture

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Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers! Industries that stand the test of time need equipment that will do just the same. Whether you’re catering from one event to another, or working in the health industry, you want to invest in quality industrial equipment that will tick every box. When it comes to safety, versatility and durability, stainless steel furniture offers a solid return on your investment and shines bright in any professional work space.

You can rely on our range of stainless steel furniture for all of your serving and storage needs

Wherever hard work and production levels are at stake, stainless steel furniture finds a home. Our stainless steel range from Royal Catering and Bartscher is for perfect for kitting out kitchens large and small. From customisable shelves to waste disposal solutions, our diverse range has options for smaller kitchens such as fast food cafés, and sprawling kitchens like cafeterias and hotel buffets. Our range is also suited to hospitals, industrial workshops and even in private homes; anywhere that hygiene and efficiency are a priority. Stainless steel furniture has been a top choice for professionals for decades, both in and out of the catering world. Investing in your business means making plans for the long-run, and finding quality equipment that will see you well beyond the early years.

Its sturdy and reliable material makes stainless steel furniture long-lasting and resistant to dents and corrosion, saving you money on potential repairs and replacements. Our range of stainless steel trolleys, shelves and cupboards are suitable to sustain the weight of heavy equipment and ingredients making your work area more space-efficient. Hygiene is a major concern when it comes to buying catering equipment. Our stainless steel furniture is wipe-clean and often features smooth rounded edges, helping you to meet globally approved hygiene and sanitary requirements, and saving you on clean-up time. Its modern and elegant design makes our range the perfect addition to your craft supplies especially in a new workspace, and with practical assembly methods, your equipment can be adapted should you renovate or even relocate.

Display, storage and speedy service!

Wherever you work, making the most of your space is vital; and for this, storage is key. Our convenient and space-saving stainless steel wall shelves help you to make the most of your wall space, keeping floors and tables clutter-free. For those of you catering on the go, you’ll find plenty more ingenious cooking and serving solutions in our full range of equipment for market needs. We know that in any busy restaurant, what happens behind swinging kitchen doors is only half the battle. For all your service needs, our full range of stainless steel trolleys will keep your staff effortlessly dishing out course after course without running back and forth from the pass. We’ve got a sleek range of stainless steel work tables, with storage space included: the ideal addition to your fresh-food prep supplies or butchers equipment.

Our stainless steel hygiene supplies for restaurants, food trucks, and hospitals feature sinks, soap dispensers and hand dryers. You’ll find ingenious stainless steel furniture designs to keep your team up to professional standards, such as our knee contact hand wash basin made of stainless steel which allows you to wash your hands without having to touch any taps or levers. Many of our sinks and work tables also feature splash resistant backs to protect food and equipment from the spread of bacteria. When it comes to cleaning equipment, we’ve got you covered with our range of kitchen spray taps, dishwashers, glass polishers, and rubbish bins. For any new business, managing time, workspace and hygiene is key. Whether you’re baking bread or building houses, a solid range of stainless steel furniture is the professional choice.