Pocket Scales

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If you need to weigh something precious, like a diamond, a white truffle or an ingredient for fine perfume, you know that accuracy is top priority. Even one-hundredth of a gram can make a big difference both to your work and your bottom line. Our range of pocket scales are designed to offer excellent accuracy and the convenience of a portable device, while boasting the high quality manufacturing of all our scales and other industrial appliances.

Every gram counts

These pocket scales are an essential portable tool for anyone requiring accurate, precise weight measurements either at work, at home or on the go. Jewellers cannot afford to be without a quality scale for measuring precious metals, gemstones and solder; make sure you’re keeping an eye on your carats and charging the right prices for your jewellery by equipping yourself with a scale you can trust. Our pocket scales are equally suitable for jewel traders and geologists, particularly those who might need to travel for research or business. These small, lightweight and easy-to-use scales fit in any bag or coat pocket so you can have them at hand whenever you need them; practical and convenient without sacrificing accuracy or precision. If you are carrying out research, a pocket scale combined with your other equipment such as a moisture analyser is all you need to gather data on-site.

Measuring to the nearest 0.1g or even 0.001g for some models, you won’t be sacrificing functionality for practicality – many of our scales are even suitable for scientific laboratories (although labs needing to weigh larger weights with high precision might wish to invest in a dedicated set of precision scales). Our catalogue even includes pocket scales with an integrated price calculator, ideal if you need to carry out basic arithmetic while you’re weighing and measuring different materials. But these scales aren’t just for pricing or measuring stones and metals – they’re also perfect for anyone who is creating mixtures and blends with fine precision. The best perfumes, spice mixes, essential oil blends, and even bread recipes rely on accurate measures of key ingredients – so a good professional scale is essential. Particularly if you are measuring something potent, like concentrated vanilla essence or other flavourings, you want to get every quantity just right!

A pocket scale puts accuracy in the palm of your hand

Our range of scales can accommodate weights from as little as 20g and as much as 320g, so whether you’re weighing a topaz or a tub of yeast, the right scale is in our catalogue. And, thanks to efficient digital technology, you can count on a battery life of 70-150 hours depending on the model (and batteries are included!). Features and prices vary, from our cheapest model featuring accuracy to 0.1g and a price calculator to our most accurate model with an extra-long battery life. Each set of pocket scales has a hard case to protect it from wind, dust and debris, preserving the functionality of the scale no matter where you use it. Every model is produced by reliable, quality brands, just as with all of our tools and appliances, which is why we are a trusted provider of equipment for many professional goldsmithing workshops and producers of handmade crafts.

If this is your line of business, you might wish to explore our entire catalogue of craft supplies, which even includes specialist equipment like melting furnaces and much more. For those in the catering industry, our pocket scales are a handy way to measure dry ingredients and preserve counter space, helping you to perfect that sourdough! Alongside the other appliances in our catering equipment catalogue, these pocket scales work in harmony to keep life in the kitchen easy and problem-free – so you can measure your ingredients properly and then throw them in the dough mixer without any further ado! From saffron to vitamin supplements to gunpowder, grab your pocket scales and get weighing!