Outdoor Umbrella

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As soon as the sun comes out in summer, the parasol is irreplaceable both at home and in your restaurant. In private homes, the parasol is used on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. Restaurant operators use a cantilever umbrella or a common umbrella to protect guests in the outdoor area of the restaurant from the sun and rain. The cantilever parasols are also useful when a garden owner wants to cover their inflatable outdoor hot tub with shade. In both areas, a rectangular or round parasol ensures a high level of comfort when spending time outdoors.

A parasol with stand is the ideal solution for outdoor use

An outdoor umbrella is suitable for all conceivable uses. Be it as a market umbrella, as a balcony umbrella or as a garden umbrella. Catering establishments prefer to use cantilever umbrellas because they can place these models next to a table and the hanging parasol shades the entire table and chairs. For home use, common, round sun umbrellas are extremely popular. Due to their shape, these umbrellas are ideal for the garden, terrace or balcony. If you want your outdoor umbrella to stand on the balcony or terrace, you will need an umbrella stand, which gives the parasol an ideal hold even in windy conditions. A balcony sun umbrella can be tilted in just a few simple steps to be perfectly aligned against the sun's rays. This way, the umbrella provides the ideal shade for the balcony whilst offering protection from the rain and wind.

The advantages of outdoor umbrellas:

  • An outdoor umbrella provides ideal protection from the sun, rain and wind

  • Various models in different sizes are available

  • The umbrellas are ideal for private use and for gastronomy

Due to the particularly densely woven clamping material, no water can penetrate through the sunshade, even in a persistent rain shower. This means that the waterproof outdoor umbrella can be used at any time on a terrace, your own balcony or a beer garden, even in wet weather.

A small or large parasol umbrella for private and professional use

Be it a 3m parasol or a larger model with a span of over 4m. The manufacturers of high-quality hotel, garden and catering supplies have a wide variety of models in different sizes. All high-quality parasol umbrellas have a long service life due to the particular material of each individual component. In most cases, the covering of an umbrella consists of particularly tightly woven polyester. The material reliably keeps you protected from the sun's dangerous UV radiation and even keeps you dry in rainy weather. Sun and rain cannot penetrate through the covering. The poles of professional parasol umbrellas are made of sturdy steel and light and light, robust aluminium. State-of-the-art mechanisms ensure that the caterer can even open a large outdoor patio umbrella with ease.

The manufacturers also offer numerous umbrella accessories for every current umbrella model. You can then purchase a stand, a ground socket for the parasol or a special protective cover for your parasol at any time. Whether you opt for a rectangular cantilever parasol umbrella or for a smaller, round parasol for the balcony. All umbrellas in this category are of a particularly high quality. Both functionally and visually, each of these commercial outdoor umbrellas is the ideal solution for private outdoor areas, for market stalls or for restaurants. Even a particularly large parasol from this category can withstand all conceivable weather conditions and always does its job reliably. A tip: You can also find artificial turf in our online shop!