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Outdoor garden gazebos

A high-quality gazebo is an asset to any garden. Whether as a privacy screen, roofing against rain or sun, as a garden house or party tent, a garden pavilion offers a variety of uses: Under the protected roof, you can enjoy carefree leisure, sports, a Sunday breakfast with your family or a celebration with friends. With a gazebo, you can create your own covered space in the garden and a true oasis of well-being.

Garden gazebos are also attractive eye-catchers with their luxurious or simple, modern or rustic appearance. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the perfect gazebo for your own garden. Equipped with stylish garden furniture, leisure or sports equipment, you can have a real vacation feeling at home. Discover the wide range of gazebos in our extensive range!

Pavilions in many shapes and sizes

Garden gazebos come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You can choose the best shape and size of a gazebo for the available space in your garden or on your terrace. If you want a certain amount of guests to sit comfortably beneath it, you should calculate about 0.9 m2 of space per guest. There is a perfect pavilion for every event and celebration.

With a colourful gazebo, you can add a fresh colour accent to your garden or add a special flair to your green space – from Mediterranean to romantic to oriental, everything is possible. The different materials of garden gazebos also have different advantages. Whether waterproof, windproof, UV-resistant or made of lightweight fabrics for easy handling, gazebos offer a suitable solution for every need.

Hexagonal pavilions

A hexagonal garden pavilion has a very elegant or even romantic appearance. Its rounded shape allows you to place it harmoniously in any place in the garden and on the terrace. Depending on the size, you can enjoy a cosy get-together under a hexagonal gazebo with friends or family. For smaller parties, this gazebo creates the optimal space, and for couples, it is a particularly romantic place.

Hexagonal garden gazebos are also ideal if you want to pursue a particular leisure activity under them – alone or in pairs. This pavilion can be used as a small studio, an inspiring place to make music or an outdoor sports area. A whirlpool under the pavilion roof can provide a unique bathing experience, or a matching garden trampoline could bring a breath of fresh air to your sporting activities at home.

Folding pavilions

The advantage of foldable gazebos is in their name: These garden pavilions can be folded and are therefore particularly easy to assemble and disassemble. It is also easy to change their particular position in your garden according to your individual needs. If you want to set up a garden pavilion only for certain purposes or celebrations, a folding pavilion is the right choice and has exceedingly flexible roofing.

Due to the integrated folding mechanism, a foldable gazebo requires little storage space and can also be used when travelling. A folding pavilion will provide you with valuable services both at the campsite or music festival and at many other events. For summer vacation, a foldable gazebo can be perfectly complemented with attractive and high-quality outdoor umbrellas .

Small pavilions

Small gazebos offer the same advantages as large ones. Under its protective roof, you can enjoy food and drinks, pursue a hobby, or do sports, alone or in pairs. If you have limited space in your backyard or on your patio, or if the number of guests is within a manageable range and you're not planning events with many visitors, a small gazebo may be just what you need.

Perhaps you do not want to use the gazebo for gatherings at all but use it as a shelter. Again, a small gazebo can create a weather-protected storage space, for example, for gardening equipment and tools of all kinds. Or simply place it for decorative purposes and decorate your gazebo with flowers and sculptures. Even a small gazebo can contribute to a magical ambiance in your garden.

Garden pergolas with metal structures

Pergolas, unlike freestanding and mobile gazebos, are firmly anchored to the ground and have a more solid construction. Garden pergolas with metal construction have particularly high stability and durability. Similar to gazebos, pergolas can serve as a shade or privacy screen, but also as a canopy for a terrace or swimming pool. At the same time, the solid framework can also be completed with a roof made of fabric or glass.

The more open design with many struts allows climbing plants to grow up the pergola or hang down from above. A pergola covered with plants and flowers is a real eye-catcher and creates a Mediterranean vacation feeling in any garden. You want to further increase the feeling of well-being for body and mind? Then a pleasantly splashing garden fountain will bring the ideal element of relaxation to your garden and patio.

Awnings and terrace canopies

Awnings come in many shapes and sizes and are the optimal canopy for patios and places that you want to keep shady. The canvas also provides wind- and weatherproof protection for camping vacations or at various events. Due to their simple construction, awnings can be installed in a few simple steps and, if necessary, quickly taken down again. If you want to remain flexible, such a canvas is the ideal solution.

The different shapes and inclination angles of awnings have the advantage that you can choose exactly the right canvas for your terrace and individual sun exposure. From triangular to polygonal, there are numerous design variations to choose from. You can also choose between a fixed and movable canvas. A waterproof sun canvas provides optimal wind and rain protection, while an air-permeable canvas is used as summer-light sun protection.

Bioclimatic pergolas

With a bioclimatic pergola, your garden and terrace will be perfectly equipped for any weather situation. This particular pergola has an integrated slat roof, with which you can adjust the slats using a convenient mechanism. When the sun is strong, you can easily open the slats to let in a pleasant breeze. In case of wind or rain, you can close the slats completely and always stay dry and protected from the wind.

The sidewalls of a bioclimatic pergola can be usefully – and attractively – supplemented with vertical closures made of fabric or glass. Thereby you are completely shielded and can fully enjoy the internal microclimate. For any season and any weather, this pergola provides optimal protection. Do you want to furnish your bioclimatic pergola in style? In our extensive range of garden furniture , you are sure to find something to your liking!

Inclined pergolas

Inclined pergolas, like other pergolas, protect the area beneath their roof from rain, wind and sun. A sloped pergola has the added benefit of allowing rain to drain more quickly from its pitched roof. Likewise, the winter snow won't remain on top of them for long and won't unnecessarily weigh down the roof. Sloped pergolas also ensure better protection in vertical sunlight than straight pergolas.

Inclined pergolas can be attached directly to a house wall or have a self-supporting structure. Close to a house wall, the sloping shape of the roof will give your facade a more dynamic profile than flat pergolas, which look more static and modern. The elegant charm of inclined pergolas makes them especially popular in classic settings, such as city villas or old country houses. These pergolas come in a variety of wood or metal finishes.

Garden gazebos with curtains

For home gardens and at events, gazebos with curtains are a popular model. And rightly so, because this version of a garden pavilion is especially flexible: The side curtains can be tied to the corner pillars or unfolded to form opaque sidewalls. A gazebo with curtains prepares you for the most diverse weather situations throughout the year.

In addition, these models are also extremely diverse in appearance, both in their materials and colours. You can find everything from simple elegance, playful romance to gaudy party versions here. Depending on the desired function, you can also equip a gazebo with curtains with different kinds of furniture. For example, for dining with your family or guests at special occasions, garden tables are especially useful furnishings!

Round and square pavilions

Garden gazebos are available in round and square shapes, and in different sizes. The main difference between the two shapes is the use of their areas: If, for example, you expect to host a large number of guests, you can accommodate them more space-savingly in a square gazebo than in a round gazebo. The round gazebo, in turn, is more suitable for a gathering of fewer people. You should keep this difference in mind when planning furniture for your gazebo.

Moreover, the choice between the two versions is also a matter of personal taste. Square gazebos look more modern and simple, while round garden gazebos look more playful and romantic. Since gazebos can be used in many different ways – for example, for celebrations, recreational and sports activities, or simply as a weather-protected storage area – the purpose of a garden gazebo is essential when choosing the right size and shape.