Soldering Iron

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How many times were you trying to fix one of your electronic devices when you realized your soldering iron wasn’t working? Instead, you had to bring it in for a repair that you could have easily done yourself at home. Our soldering irons are low on price but high on quality, and it’ll be there for the next time you need to do a few repairs on some of your aging appliances or electronics. When you buy Stamos Soldering equipment, you know you’re getting a name and quality you can trust. So, let’s have a look at what we have in store for you!

A soldering iron is a small but critical part of every craftsman toolbox!

- Perfect for the home craftsman looking for a quality product - A great fit for manufacturers or construction workers, as well - Work on a variety of electronic equipment from your own home or office - Also, a great learning tool for the classroom

When you’re looking for professional tools from brands that you can trust, shopping at Expondo is a dream come true! We have a lot more than just high-quality soldering irons, that’s for sure. But there’s no problem with starting small and slowly adding tools to your DIY toolbox. Anytime you need to work with electronics or small pieces of metal, a soldering iron is good enough to get the job done. Even for the tiny jobs, we’ve got great magnifying lamps to help you be as precise as possible. Setting up your soldering station will renew your sense of accomplishment when you realize how much money you’ll be saving on costly repairs that could be done from the comfort of your own home with a simple soldering iron. But if you’re looking to get some serious welding done, you should head over to our full range of welders and our huge variety of power tools to get those creative juices flowing. Speaking of creative juices, these soldering irons are perfect for beginners in a classroom environment in a shop class, or for teaching the little ones how to start using the tools you’ve got stored on our popular stainless-steel cabinet. Handing down your knowledge of these tools is a great way to get anyone interested in how things work, and more importantly, how to fix them when they don’t. So why not start with a versatile and safety-insulated soldering iron?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to safety!

- Compact but robust insulated casing - Quick but precise heating temperatures - ESD function on all soldering stations to ensure safety - Easy nozzle exchange for when you need to swap

You can rest easy knowing that all of our soldering stations are equipped with an ESD function and come shipped with a protective contact plug. You’ll need these to protect your device from electrostatic discharges and keeping your soldering iron in perfect working condition. We take safety seriously, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with our professional line of industrial equipment for our construction working customers, or when looking for great catering equipment for small business owners. A soldering iron heats up to extreme temperatures that could easily burn and scar, so it’s important to make sure your equipment is made from quality materials and you know how to use them correctly and effectively. So, if you’re planning to use this for personal use, or to someday hand down these tools to your children, you’ll want them to be safe in their hands, and yours. You’ll know you’re in good hands when you pick up one of our fantastic soldering irons to start those electronic repairs.