Air Nibbler

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When working with metal materials such as steel and aluminium, you need sharp, robust tools for cutting and separation. Our air nibblers from the DIY experts at MSW make quick, effortless and precise work even when working with thicker materials. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, it’s the ideal solution for both professional workshops and engineering jobs as well as home garages and DIY projects.

Choose our compact air nibblers for cutting through various metals

- For cutting and separating metals - Ideal for garages and workshops - Home and professional use - Compact and ergonomic - Strong and hardwearing - Metals of up to 1.5mm in thickness

Air nibblers are pneumatic tools for cutting and separating various types of metal plates, and can be used across a wide range of industries and tasks. Capable of cutting through metal car parts, air nibblers are the ideal garage tool for both professional and home garages, for body-works and repairs. They are also suitable in workshops for craft and sculpting projects as well as for working with metal materials in engineering and construction. This highly performant nibbler enables you to work quickly and efficiently, and is the ideal solution for ambitious metal work, both in professional workshops and in home-garages. Wherever you work, they’re a great additional to your professional tools. The MSW air nibblers are compact but strong – easy to fit in your toolbox. Like all MSW products, their air nibblers are built to last with their robust aluminium casing, and with their burled, soft gripping, are comfortable and ergonomic to use. The MSW air nibblers allow you to cut through a thickness of 1.5mm. For working with thicker metals, see an another example of our nibblers with a cutting capacity of 4mm. To ensure that the air nibbler can work smoothly for as long as possible, regular lubrication of the head is recommended. Luckily one of our MSW air nibblers comes with lubrication as standard, but this can also be purchased separately from any good hardware store.

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- Efficient, high-powered tools - Professional and DIY use - Designed for comfort and precision - Wide range of sanding finishes - Indoor/ outdoor demolition hammers

In our full Expondo range, we’ve good plenty more tools and industrial supplies to help you get maximum impact from your work without over-exertion. We’re all about efficiently-running devices that can handle even the most heavy duty tasks, as well as giving you excellent value for money. Amongst our range of high-powered air tools, we’ve got filet welders, ratchets, and grinders with cutting discs. Our high-powered air sanders are the ideal compact tool for grinding, cutting, brushing, smoothing and polishing of metals, and are extremely versatile with their interchangeable attachments and adjustable speed settings. Like our air nibblers, they are designed to be compact but pack a punch – easy to fit in your toolbox for jobs on the go. For more example of perfect tools for sanding, burnishing and polishing, check out our full range of electric sanders. You’ll find everything from mini grinders for detailed tasks such as edging and engraving, and burnishing machines to cover larger areas and create a wide range of finishes. When it comes to heavy duty demolition works, we’ve got you covered with our MSW demolition hammers. These robust hammers are ideal for clearing sites, landscaping, and outdoor construction, especially when working with rough materials such as earth, rock, tiles, and debris. We pride ourselves on choosing only trusted global names, whether it’s for our heavy duty tools or our catering supplies and kitchen equipment. Check out the full range today.