Air Sander

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Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to grind, cut, brush, smooth, polish or break down a variety of materials at home or around the worksite; our professional quality air sanders will be able to get the job done for you. From grinders to hammers to ratchets, these air sanders are durable and easy to use, along with MSW’s innovative designs and extreme value for your money. We have every tool for every conceivable job at Expondo. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for professional tools to beef up your current arsenal, or industrial equipment for the construction site or warehouse.

High-quality air sanders for every garage’s tool bench.

- For working with a multitude of materials. - Powerful, robust, and innovative designs. - Great for both cutting and smoothing. - Perfect for beginners or professionals.

Using your normal old-fashioned tools are great for doing small jobs around the house, but when you’re looking at getting things cut or sanded quickly and efficiently, you’ll need to start looking at air sanders. We also have great electric sanders if you’re purely looking for polishing and smoothing with palm sanders, orbital sanders, pipe belt sanders, and even a wet stone polisher. Along with these are every imaginable graining count sanding belts that can be used for a multitude of surfaces that need to be sanded down or polished up. Whether you want an electric or air sander, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps you need to break down tough materials with our range of demolition hammers. These hammers have been designed and built for the professional working in the construction industry and is perfect for stemming, impacting, and excavation work on concrete, asphalt, stone, and plaster. Otherwise, you might want to take a look at our air grinders for a variety of other jobs. We even have an air grinder tool with a cutting disc that looks pretty sweet! These are powerful air sanders that were meant to last years and make it through daily repeated abuse.

Great for having around the house!

- Perfect for those improvements you’ve been trying to get to. - Great for an ambitious hobbyist and budding DIYer. - Wonderful tool for automotive issues. - Also works in manufacturing or at serious construction sites.

Leveling up your garage equipment is a big step and you’ll want to make sure you upgrade to a true professional grade air sander. We all know you’ve got a list full of unchecked boxes for those pesky home improvements you’ve been meaning to get around to. Getting a high-quality air sander will not only get the job done quickly and efficiently, but you’ll have a ton of fun using them as well! Or for those DIYers that found us through our extensive catering equipment offerings, it might be time to fix those nuts and bolts after lugging your equipment to and from all of those huge wedding parties and school socials these past few months! And since you buy all of your equipment from Expondo, you won’t have to worry about too much upkeep, and a small and compact air nibbler should be enough to get the job done! It even has an automatic mini oiler for making sure that the device operates with the distinct speed and ease necessary to improve its longevity. Not to mention the robust aluminum casing that gives you a great value for the low prices we have on offer. So, whether you’re looking for air sanders for the daily beatings a construction site throws at tools, or just getting into the DIY of home repairs, all of our air sanders will be a perfect fit for the job!