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Keep yourself powered up by stocking up on batteries

It’s the oldest mistake in the book – put all the time and preparation into a job only to find yourself low on battery-life with not a spare in sight! Don’t lose out to that old mistake. A well stock supply of back-up power is need across all industries as well as around the house. Whether you’re mending houses, examining cars, or performing electric guitar on stage, it’s part and parcel of the job. Don’t waste money buying one or two batteries at a time. Better to stock up in bulk than to find yourself stuck.

Always keep a spare!

  • High quality alkaline batteries
  • Available in 9V, AA and AAA
  • Save money by buying in bulk
  • For homes and businesses
  • Portable power
  • Eco friendly

Don’t get stuck mid-job without power! On call, on stage, or hosting a party – there’s no good time to run out of batteries. Our multipacks of Ansmann alkaline batteries give you a long supply of efficient, eco-friendly power, perfect for operating power tools, toys, musicial instruaments and other electronics. They’re an essential tool to have in any garage, workshop, studio, shop, vehicle, home and office. For construction and craft experts, Ansmann batteries can be used with a wide range of power tools, such as drills, sanders, and polishers. They’re also compatible with other professional tools such as musical instruments, beauty devices and electric cooking utensils. Around the house, they’re useful for torches, camping supplies, remote controls and more. And parents take note – a good stock of batteries is always a good idea around Christmas and kids’ birthday parties! These alkaline are designed to be eco-friendly, not containing environmentally hazardous substances such as mercury, cadmium or lead. (While these are designed as eco-friendly batteries, they should not be disposed of with standard household waste. Dispose of them at collection points provided in supermarkets and electrical stores.) Ansmann batteries are efficient and very long lasting, with up to ten times longer lifespan than comparable zinc-carbon batteries, keeping your devices powered up for longer! They operate like any standard grade batteries and suitable for a wide range of the most common devices, tools, toys, and a wide range of items from the Expondo range.

More ways to power your business

  • Wide range of catering supplies
  • Home and professional use
  • Industrial equipment
  • Scales: From precision to platform
  • Heavy lifting devices for garages
  • Well equipment to recharge your batteries

Now that you’ve stocked up on batteries, it’s time to discover more ways to keep your business operating at full power, whether you’re running a kitchen, garage or beauty salon. In our wide range of catering supplies, we’ve got plenty of high powered gadgets to help you keep the orders going out fast and hot! Check out the full range with everything from high powered blenders and meat processors, to grills, ovens and deep fat fryers. Here, you’ll also find a selection of devices for hotels and BnBs such as laundry trolley, luggage racks, and multi-purpose cleaning trolleys. Over in our range of industrial equipment, you can stay powered up in your lab, factory or pharmaceutical centre. You’ll find a selection of professional-grade ultrasonic cleaners, microcentrifuges, and a huge selection of industrial scales, all designed with precision and accuracy in mind. Our range of scales isn’t just for labs. We’ve got pocket scales for portable use, precision scales for cooking, and platform scales for weighing bulk materials and livestock. Never miss a gram! If you are a motors professional or a car enthusiast, you’ll want to check out our full range of garage equipment. We’ve got heavy duty lifting devices such as engine stands, motorcycle stands, transmission jacks and a ranging of off-road winches. And finally, in our full range of accessories for wellness, you’ll find comforting treats for spas, hotels, and beauty salons. Check out the full range featuring Physa facial steamers, ball sterilisers and the portable humidifier with LED lighting. Now there’s something to help you keep your batteries charged!