Infrared Grill - 1,780 W

Infrared Grill - 1,780 W

Manufacturer: bredeco | Item number: EX10080100 | Model: BCIG 1800A


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Product Highlights

  • 1,780 W
  • Stainless steel / plastic
  • Tempered glass
  • Max. temp 240 °C
  • Timer: 0 - 90 min


  • Innovative—cutting-edge infrared heating technology ensures 80 % less smoke and enables you to grill in enclosed spaces
  • Efficient—the maximum temperature of 240 °C ensures a fast and precise cooking process
  • Timer—combines acoustic signal and automatic shut-off
  • Simple—the non-stick surface prevents grilled food from burning
  • Low-maintenance—the removable drip tray makes disposing of oil and fat easy; all accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • Durable—materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass, as well as careful processing, guarantee many barbecue dinners in your future

Smokeless indoor grilling with the infrared grill

The infrared grill is ideal for cooking indoors and guarantees juicy meat without smoke or grease spatters. But the infrared grill is not only suited for a perfect T-bone steak—this multifunctional device can also be used to cook fish, chips and vegetables as perfectly as it does grilled chicken, kebabs, prawns or seafood.

Modern cooking devices for light and healthy cuisine

Grilling is a healthy way of preparing all types of foods to make them low in fat and crispy. Now, you can bring this style of cooking indoors with the indoor grill from bredeco and its innovative infrared technology—smoke- and odour-free! During cooking, the fat runs into the provided drip tray without burning and causing unpleasant odours. A tempered glass lid protects you from grease spatters and also allows you to keep an eye on the grilling food.

The temperature can be adjusted using a control dial up to maximum 240 °C—the ideal heat for juicy steaks. Thanks to the even heat distribution, any other ingredient can be cooked quickly and uniformly from all sides. In addition to its non-stick grill surface, the infrared bbq is equipped with a timer with automatic shut-off and an alarm signal to ensure that nothing burns. You can set the timer to the desired cooking time between 0 and 90 minutes using a dial. Four non-slip rubber feet ensure additional safety and stability by preventing the tabletop grill from sliding or from scratching the work surface.

Even after dinner, the infrared electric grill is impressive: it is particularly easy to clean thanks to the smooth structure of the non-stick grill surface and the removable grease drip tray made of stainless steel. You can also wash all accessories in the dishwasher.

BCIG 1800A
230 V
1,780 W
Material, housing
Stainless steel, plastic
Material, accessories
Stainless steel
Material, cover
Tempered glass
Accessories dishwasher-safe
Maximum temperature
240 °C
Adjustment range, timer
0 - 90 min
Power cable
0.8 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
58 x 36 x 26 cm
6.3 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
60 x 46 x 34 cm
Shipping weight
8.4 kg
Delivery Package
  • Infrared grill BCIG 1800A
  • Rotisserie fork
  • Grill tray
  • Drip tray
  • Instruction manual

Efficient thanks to high output of 1,780 W


Rapidly reaches max. 240 °C


Compact device, ideal for home kitchens

Heat-resistant handle for easy opening

Easy cleaning thanks to grease drawer

Tested by Michał Orłowski, head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Incl. grill tray and grille

Supervise the baking process through the transparent cover


Infrared heating reduces smoke by up to 80 %


4 non-slip feet guarantee additional stability


I don't just use it for skewers or kebabs. It's also great for grilling fish, vegetables and poultry.

I always lay a few slices of lard or bacon between meat and vegetables. This prevents the ingredients from drying out and makes them juicy. The skewers will be delicious!


Precisely set the heating time up to max. 90 min


For barbecues and grill skewers


Durable tempered glass cover

Highly visible


Is the tabletop grill easy to clean?

Yes, the drip tray and the tabletop grill's smooth surface make cleaning easy. The accessories are removable and dishwasher-safe.

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This product
  • 1,780 W
  • Stainless steel / plastic
  • Tempered glass
  • Max. temp 240 °C
  • Timer: 0 - 90 min

Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 1-3 weeks**

Infrared Grill - 1,780 W

Infrared Grill - 1,780 W


Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr. 1-3 weeks**

  • 1,780 W
  • Stainless steel / plastic
  • Tempered glass
  • Max. temp 240 °C
  • Timer: 0 - 90 min