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Outdoor car cover

Car covers or even folding or mobile garages are cost-effective solutions for vehicles that are parked in the open air. The advantages are obvious: a car cover protects against snow and rain, but also against dirt, pollen and bird droppings. Even animals such as martens, mice or cats are likely to damage the paint when running over the car and can be kept away from the car by the protective cover. Car covers are quickly attached and can be easily folded and stored in the trunk when you travel.

Complete car cover

The choice of outdoor car covers for vehicles is manifold. From special offers and bargains at the discounter to the car protective covers specially made to fit the high-class car, everything is possible. What should be considered when buying? Which car cover fits your car and your individual needs perfectly? What extras are there and which of them are really useful? Here are the answers:

Universal vehicle cover

In principle, there are three types of car cover: the simplest version is the windshield cover. It can be quickly pulled over the windshield, saving vehicle owners the hassle of scraping the windshield, especially in winter. A half-garage, on the other hand, covers the entire length of the vehicle down to below the windows; a full garage extends to above the rims. Basically, the smaller the tarpaulins for cars, the easier the handling; the larger, the better the protection.

Aluminium coated, breathable or waterproof car cover?

Unlike soft covers made of fleece or similar soft materials that protect expensive classic cars or other luxurious vehicles from dirt or scratches, free-standing cars should be protected with a waterproof car cover. These can even prevent hail damage to the paint.

The material should also be breathable so that wet vehicles can dry and no moisture gathers under the tarp. Both these properties are important in the fight against corrosion and for maintaining the quality of the paint.

On hot summer days, it is recommended to use a protective car cover with aluminium foil. This is usually not breathable but effectively reflects UV rays. This keeps the interior pleasantly cool even when outside temperatures are high.

Car cover for snow

Car covers for the winter should definitely be water-repellent and breathable, otherwise, they may freeze to the paint and become difficult to remove, or in the worst case, even damage the surface. Therefore, despite breathable materials, winter car covers should be used to ensure that the inside of the protective cover and the outside of the vehicle remains clean and dry.

In addition, the car cover must be able to withstand extreme temperatures during the cold season. Depending on how cold it gets in the region, the winter car cover should withstand temperatures up to -30 °C without becoming brittle or porous. With regard to the hot season, heat resistance up to at least 70 °C is recommended.

Car cover accessories

In principle, any car cover is better than none. Nevertheless, there are a number of extras that can be useful under certain circumstances. These include reflective strips that ensure good visibility even in the dark. If, on the other hand, the car is parked mainly in a driveway, this feature can be safely dispensed with.

In any case, the fit is important, because the tighter the protective car cover is, the higher the effect. Here, special mirror pockets score points with their optimized fit. However, a car cover with mirror pockets should be tailored as accurately as possible to the type of vehicle. Here, unfortunately, lies the problem, because there are only exact matching protective covers for very few car models These are often only available in the upper price segment and as indoor covers.

Storage bags are also indispensable. They save space for storage and protect the car cover when it is not in use. Sufficient size is crucial here. Often, the covers are very small, so that the cover tarpaulins for cars can be stowed in the trunk as space-saving as possible. However, at the expense of convenient handling; here, a larger variant is clearly more time-saving and easier on the nerves.

Anti-hail car cover

Although the German's favourite child is the car, expondo's covers also offer protection from environmental and weather influences, dirt or pollen for other vehicles. Our range offers a variety of universal as well as individual solutions for the protection of different vehicles:

Trailer cover

Trailer covers protect – similar to trailer nets or other vehicle accessories – the transported goods rather than the trailer itself. There is generally a distinction between trailer hoods, roll covers and high tarpaulins, which are held by a framework – the high bows.

Hoods and roll covers are suitable for transporting goods whose maximum height corresponds to that of the trailer, such as ladders, tools or other small parts. Unlike the simple trailer cover, a roll cover has a crank in addition to the classic fastening, with which the tarpaulin can be wound on a tube or strut. This makes the disassembly and assembly of the cover much easier and faster, especially for large trailers.

For safe transportation or storage of goods that protrude above the actual trailer, a high tarpaulin should be used. This tarpaulin is pulled over the frame and protects the objects on the trailer like a tent.

Caravan cover

Whether camper, caravan or motorhome – even with covered parking a cover is mandatory. Protective covers need to be breathable due to the long service life. The reason for this is that some air can always rise under the cover, which collects on the inside of the protective cover. Covers for caravans, which are not breathable, carry the risk that water will freeze under the cover in sub-zero temperatures, and with it the cover on the camper. There are also fixed roofs that can be stretched onto the caravan and provide uncomplicated access at any time.

Boat covers

Tarpaulins or boat covers are waterproof covers or protective covers made of sturdy fabric that significantly extend the life of a boat and protect the interior, which is usually open, from dirt and rainwater. Such a cover can be purchased either for a whole boat (full or full person cover) or only for parts of it.

However, boats – unlike cars – have very irregular shapes and larger dimensions, which is why universal fits and customizable covers are particularly common here. Nevertheless, shape and length play a crucial role in choosing the best boat equipment . The same as with cars, the tighter the cover, the greater the protection of what is underneath.