Load Restraints

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Load restraint straps - keep your cargo safe and secured

Transporting fragile or bulky loads on a trailer through traffic can be a tricky business. It is not uncommon for accidents, the loss of or damage to cargo items to occur. This concerns, for example, farmers, gardeners and construction workers, as well as private households when moving. In order to solidly stow one's cargo on trailers and flatbeds, various methods of cargo securing can be used:

Depending on the cargo, tension and lashing straps, tarpaulins or trailer nets are the right choice for securing the load. Especially trailer nets are practical tools that can even be used multifunctionally - for example, as a safeguard on scaffolding or roofing, as well as a protective cover for agricultural products. Discover our wide range of high quality garage equipment for all purposes!

Trailer nets - essential when securing bulky loads

Tensioning and lashing straps are mainly used for securing loads of large, bulky goods and are therefore mostly found in transport and moving companies. But the sturdy safety belts can also provide excellent service on a trailer or flatbed truck, both professionally and privately. Cars and motorcycles can be stowed and transported just as safely with these belts as wooden beams, scaffolding poles or bulky furniture.

The various designs of belts are equipped with different mechanisms for fastening. For example, you can choose between automatic tensioning straps, straps with ratchet or pointed hooks, tensioning straps for combination anchor rails or bar lashing rails. All these belts score with a particularly high load capacity, tear resistance and long service life - and are therefore an indispensable vehicle accessory for securing loads!

Trailer nets - essential when securing bulky loads

While belts are suitable for securing particularly coarse goods, trailer nets offer a much wider range of possible transport loads. Especially for bulky or heavy loads consisting of several individual parts, these nets are therefore ideal. For example, you can optimally secure construction debris, such as concrete remnants and bricks, cuttings, such as branches and bushes, or even cables and pipes with these nets.

Trailer nets are available in various sizes to fit any size load. In addition, the nets are made of a slightly stretchable plastic, have a reinforced edge and are characterized by high tear resistance. Likewise, safety nets are UV resistant as well as water repellent. So that you can also safely lift your load onto the transport surface, the trailer nets can be perfectly supplemented with high-quality Round Slings!

Trailor nets for load securing

Fine-mesh trailer nets offer the optimum transport security for particularly small loads, such as leaves and flower remains, gravel and rubble or broken glass and ceramics. The fine-meshed structure of these nets keeps the cargo safely together and at the same time ensures high air permeability. In this way, water that seeps in can evaporate again and your cargo is protected from mold.

Especially in agriculture, fine-mesh nets can be used universally. For example, these trailer nets can be used for plant residues, crops, or animal feed as professional tractor accessories. The flexible attachment is done via the integrated elastic band with the help of straps or hooks. In combination with high-quality hey nets, you are thus optimally equipped for all field and yard work in your agricultural operation!

Load restraint nets - cars

Trailer nets are not only useful for securing loads in transport trucks, on construction vehicles or on tractor trailers. Even with your own car, various goods want to be stowed and transported on a trailer, such as moving boxes, garden accessories or hobby equipment. Therefore, trailer nets offer a multifunctional solution for securing loads of all kinds, even for private use.

Especially when it comes to valuable goods, private households should not do without a solid protective device for their own car trailer. Cargo can be lost or damaged too quickly. Thanks to the wide range of net models, it is also easy to find exactly the right net for your specific trailer dimensions and your desired purposes. Therefore, complete your automotive tools with a high-quality trailer net for load securing!

Which size trailer net to choose?

To ensure that your cargo is not only safe but also non-slip when stowed on a trailer, choosing the right size net is especially crucial. The calculation of the ideal dimensions is quite simple: First, measure the length and width of your loading area. Now add 50 to 100 cm to each side measurement and you have the optimal size of your trailer net. For transport surfaces of all types, you can use this calculation form as a practical aid.

But trailer nets can be used for more than just securing loads: Whether as a safety net on scaffolding, as a protective cover for stored goods outdoors or as a harvest net in the orchard, the nets offer numerous possible applications. The net size here should depend on the respective application. Would you like to use nets in your orchard? Our online guide " How to setup a fruit orchard ?" gives you valuable tips!

How to store cargo in a trailer?

Correct loading of trailers is essential for the safety of all participants in road traffic: Heavy loads should always be placed over the axle of the trailer to maintain road holding and braking efficiency. Further loads can then be distributed evenly over the remaining trailer area so that the trailer sits stably on the coupling. Overall, however, you should not exceed the maximum permissible drawbar load under any circumstances.

If your load protrudes to the rear, it should also be clearly marked so that other road users can keep an appropriate distance. In addition, loads must be secured with the aid of belts, tarpaulins or nets in such a way that no load can slip or fall out of the trailer even during emergency braking or sudden evasive movements. Especially here, high-quality trailer nets are the ideal load securing in road traffic. Check out also our trailer covers!