Commercial Hand Wash Basin

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Before you perfect your menu, décor, and service style, hygiene is the first priority in any cooking space. That means organised prep spaces, effective temperature control, and, of course, excellent personal hygiene for you and your staff. Suitable to be fitted in a wide range of kitchens, a stainless steel commercial hand wash basin from our hygiene supplies range will help you to maintain these vital standards without employees having to leave the kitchen area.

Hygiene first!

• Particularly useful for hotels and large kitchens • Private and professional kitchens • Ensure kitchen hygiene standards are maintained • Clean hands without having to leave work area • Wall-mounted or free-standing • Installation materials included

No matter where you cook, hygiene should be priority number one. Whether it’s before a shift, after sneezing or going to the bathroom, or simply between handling different ingredients, effective hand washing is the first defence in the fight against bacteria. What’s more, when possible this should be done within the kitchen space, to cut down on any contact with door handles and other surfaces. Luckily our stainless steel commercial hand wash basin range has something for every kitchen to provide intuitive, and even “hands free” hand-washing without having to leave the kitchen space. Choose between wall-mounted and free-standing commercial hand wash basin options. Each easy to install washing unit is built with smooth, heard-wearing, easy to clean materials such a chrome and stainless steel – both excellent materials for kitchens as well as labs, hospitals, and any workspace where hygiene is key. Our cheapest commercial hand wash basin is the RCHS-2 from the catering experts at Royal Catering. Ideal for all restaurants from cafeterias to pizzerias, this wall-mounted commercial hand wash basin is made from first class, easy-to-clean stainless steel and protects the surrounding surfaces from water splashes with its three-sided upstand. To further protect from the spread of bacteria, you could also invest in a knee-contact wash basins from the Expondo range. These ingenious hands-free commercial hand wash basin models are designed to eliminate the use of your hands, and therefore the spread of germs, by controlling the faucet using the intuitive, knee-height panel.

Prevent the spread of germs at every point

• Pre-rinse taps to cut down on cleaning time • Hardwearing, easy to clean kitchenware • Resistant to dents and corrosion • Smooth stainless steel furniture for handling and serving food

Hand-washing with a commercial hand wash basin is a vital part of maintaining hygiene standards, wherever you work, but it is only step one. When it comes to keeping your kitchen free of potentially hazardous bacteria, every corner of your kitchen counts. Our high-powered kitchen spray taps are a great way to save time and energy for your washing and cleaning staff, and to cut down on the build-up of food-waste and residue which can harbour pesky bacteria as well as causing sink blockages. Built with an ergonomic pre-rinse spray gun and designed with hardwearing coronachrome, stainless steel, and plate chrome, these efficient spray taps allow you to swiftly blast your dishes and cookware free of excess residue before deep cleaning. Across the board, our full range of catering equipment is designed to help you maintain hygiene standards in the kitchen, from our drinks fountains with intuitive draining systems and food display counters with wipe-clean protective glass, to our food mixers with removable parts for dishwasher-cleaning. Not to mention that our kitchen range is always chosen for it’s easy-to-clean, hardwearing design. In our full range of stainless steel furniture, featuring shelves, trolleys, worktops and more, you’ll see exactly why it’s our top choice when it comes to hygienic design. Even in our range of professional tools, we’re putting hygiene first with our handy draining tools and wipe-clean cosmetic chairs. Over in our industrial supply range, you’ll also find smoothed surfaced precision scales and ultrasonic cleaners, to cut out the spread of bacteria in labs and medical facilities. Because wherever you work, hygiene is key.