Garage Door Motors

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A motorised garage door is one of the most useful basics for implementation in any industrial building. With a garage door that automatically, smoothly opens due to the specialised garage door motor, the movement of vehicles in and out of the building is made as efficient and trouble-free as possible. The garage door motors in our catalogue of industrial and craftsmen’s equipment boast professional quality and industrial robustness, yet fit perfectly even in a home garage.

Garage doors that make life easier

These automatic garage doors allow you to open or close a sectional door in any building without any effort. Typically, manual garage doors can be inconvenient; the mechanisms can stick or break, and the motions required to open or close them can be very uncomfortable. A motorised garage door takes away all of these troubles. We’ve worked with reputed manufacturer MSW Motors Technics to put together a catalogue of extremely high-quality garage door motors which offer reliable, long-lasting performance. Each motor is carefully engineered to open the garage door quickly and smoothly, using high-end remote control transmitters to trigger the open and close mechanisms. This helps you to avoid the inconvenience of having to leave the vehicle and stand in the rain or wind to open or close the garage door, and prevents the back pain associated with straining to open manual garage doors. These motors are available separately so that you can use them with your existing facilities or choose whichever garage door type is most suitable for your establishment. Automated garage doors with these garage door motors are perfect for warehouses, factories, large-scale catering operations and other industrial buildings where delivery vehicles, forklift trucks or service vehicles will be entering and exiting the building frequently during the day. Each garage door motor is easy to install and comes with an instruction manual and mounting accessories, meaning that they’re just as well-suited for installation in a private or home garage – for car owners who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their garage door set-up.

High-end garage door motors

With a garage door motor from expondo’s range of quality industrial appliances, you can be sure that your investment will last long-term. These motors are designed to be robust, tough and extremely reliable, even with regular heavy use, thanks to the galvanised steel rails and powerful motor. We offer a range of different opening systems, including a basic chain-driven garage door opener and a toothed-belt garage door motor, so you can select the motor which best suits the set-up you want. We even stock a heavy-duty 800 Newton garage door opener to suit heavy and bulky garage doors in large-scale operations. The remote controls work via infrared signals to open and close the doors on command, and two remotes are provided with each motor, while additional infrared sensors can be purchased to add a safety-stop feature to the garage door to ensure that it ceases the opening or closing motion when a person or animal gets in the way. In standby mode, power consumption is low, for energy cost savings, but when there is a power outage the motor enables emergency opening, for your safety. Each garage door motor is compatible with expondo’s own range of high-quality garage doors for a truly five-star carport! These high-powered appliances make the to and fro of everyday transport a breeze, keeping you in comfort as you enter or leave your garage, warehouse or hangar.