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Interior paint supplies

Color creates atmosphere and can develop its aesthetic effect both indoors and outdoors. However, for all painting and varnishing work, professional equipment is indispensable. Because only professional accessories ensure a flawless paint job and first-class results. Professional painters and varnishers therefore benefit just as much from high-quality painting supplies as hobby craftsmen and home renovators.

Whether in public spaces, on the facade of a building, in your own four walls, on doors and windows, on radiators, on the garden fence or on wooden garden furniture - color can be used everywhere and underline the charm of an environment. Specialized painting supplies not only allow you to work comfortably, but also facilitate the careful execution of your painting challenges.

As diverse as painting and varnishing work is, as diverse are the accessories: From professional paint spraying systems, to high-quality tools for all pre- and post-processing, to products of a professional work protection, you will find everything you need for your projects in our online store.

Supplies to paint a room

Interior painting of premises is usually much more delicate than exterior painting. Because especially within living and working spaces, detailed motifs, colorful color combinations and diverse patterns should please our eye and conjure up a certain flair. For the implementation of these colorful design ideas special painting supplies are needed to meet these requirements.

But before the actual painting work can begin, the respective premises may first need to be professionally prepared. Professional power tools can be used, for example, to sand walls and ceilings or remove baseboards. If dust and dirt occur in the process, the rooms can be cleaned quickly and easily with powerful cleaning equipment.

Once the rooms are prepared, masking sheets can be laid out and masking tape applied to protect floors and furniture from paint splashes. The desired interior wall paints can then be provided in suitable paint tubs or buckets, applied with brushes, rollers or sponges, and metered in quantity on scraper grids. With the right painting supplies for interior painting, you are thus optimally equipped and can give free rein to your creativity!

Painting equipment for outdoor and construction sites

Painting work outdoors as well as on construction sites requires basic knowledge of building materials, primers and exterior wall paints. This is because the respective paints and coatings are exposed to changing weather conditions and must therefore be applied in a particularly professional manner. Here, too, professional painting equipment provides valuable services and ensures a flawless and consistent application of paint.

Similar to interior painting, exterior painting may involve preparatory steps. For example, the facade should first be cleaned with the help of a high-pressure cleaner and then repaired or re-plastered with suitable spatulas and trowels. A high-quality primer also ensures that fewer layers of paint need to be applied during painting. A primer can be conveniently applied with an area brush or tassel.

When it comes to exterior wall paint, it can even be applied to the wall using different methods: Traditionally with a brush and paint roller or with the help of modern paint spray guns. Especially on construction sites, the modern devices allow more comfortable work and ensure an even paint application. You are also interested in House extensions and conversions? In our practical online guide, we provide valuable tips on this!

Paint spraying equipment

Paint spray systems offer a modern alternative to traditional paint application with brushes or rollers and also score points in comparison with numerous advantages. The systems are available in various designs, each differing in construction, function and application. Two special paint spraying methods are particularly widespread - air spraying on the one hand and airless paint spraying equipment on the other:

Air sprayers are paint spraying systems where the wall paint is atomized with the help of air pressure. In order to build up the required pressure, these devices are equipped with a corresponding compressor. The system produces very little spray mist, is easy to operate and clean, and thus enables faster color changes. Air sprayers are ideal especially for smaller areas and objects.

With airless spraying, on the other hand, the paint is atomized without air and solely by high material pressure. The pressure is generated by a pump system that presses the ink to the nozzle. This system produces more spray mist and the devices are somewhat more complex to operate. However, because airless spraying provides a smoother spray result, it is ideal for large areas and objects.

Electric paint sprayers | paint spray guns

Paint spray systems offer clear advantages over brushes and rollers. Probably the biggest advantage here is the time saved: because the paint is sprayed over a wide area, walls are colored much faster. And thanks to the adjustable nozzles, the wall paint can even be applied at different angles. This means that corners and edges can also be accurately sprayed, eliminating the need for pre-painting.

In addition, paint spray guns are extremely efficient in terms of paint consumption. This is because the spray system delivers the wall paint in uniform quantities via the nozzle. This precise dosage ensures a uniform as well as covering result in only one working step. And because the wall paint is taken directly from the integrated container, no excess remains in paint tubs or on scraper grids.

Another advantage lies in the handling of these systems, because most paint sprayers can be operated quickly and easily. Spraying itself is also convenient, as you can comfortably guide the device with one hand. And thanks to the long reach, you can even reach higher places without a ladder. With a paint sprayer, color dreams of all kinds can thus be realized in an instant!

Tools for painters and varnishers

Painting and varnishing work can be required for a wide variety of projects, both professional and private: Whether you want to freshen up a house facade, creatively paint a child's room, add color to wooden furniture or varnish windows to make them weather-resistant - every project is unique and therefore requires suitable equipment. In our online store you will find high-quality painting and varnishing tools for first-class results!

Especially in the professional field, extensive equipment is indispensable for the exercise of the profession. The equipment includes not only brushes, paint rollers, rollers, masking fleeces, foils and adhesive tapes, but also rubbing boards, trowels, scraping grids, shears, scrapers, snap-off knives, abrasives and much more. And also a suitable protective clothing must not be missing in a professional equipment.

Painting and varnishing work takes place not only on buildings, but also in public spaces, parks or gardens objects want a new coat of paint or varnish. For example, you can give your garden furniture more charm, colorfully paint your tree house or beautify the garden fence. Do you want to redesign your garden as a whole? In our garden supplies we offer all kinds of gardening tools for every plant paradise!