Construction Machinery

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Construction Equipment

With expondo's product range, you can stock up your machinery cost-effectively for your individual construction projects. You can also find the necessary small calibre accessories such as drills and screwdrivers and measuring equipment of all kinds in our store.

Which construction equipment should you choose?

Whether for commercial construction, in workshops or your private garage: construction site equipment and tools for home use must be affordable, labour-saving and durable. Expondo has compiled its product range based on these quality characteristics.

We carry electrically powered construction site equipment such as rock crackers and vibratory rammers, which make your heavy work with plenty of power much easier, as well as a wide range of accessories for your construction site equipment. From diamond grinding wheels for concrete surfaces to ventilation hoses for your construction fan: The combination of heavy equipment and selectable accessories allows you to realize your individual construction project within the shortest possible time.

By purchasing modern construction equipment, you ensure the smooth running of your business. In many recycling and handicraft businesses, wire strippers enable the rapid stripping of cables of different thicknesses.

Occupational safety also plays a major role in construction and workshops. You can ensure a working environment without accidents because of tripping with a high-pressure hose reel from our pneumatic accessories . This benefits you as well as your employees.

Many of our professional devices are designed for frequent changes of location. With smooth-running wheels and ergonomic handles for pulling heavy construction equipment, you can transport grease guns, stone crushers and vibratory plates to the respective site of operation without putting any strain on your back.

The most commonly used construction equipment

According to research, machine tools such as milling machines, power hammers and mechanical presses are among the most commonly used construction site equipment. With their state-of-the-art technology, they enable work to be carried out that would require great effort to carry out manually. They take on real backbreaking work and carry it out in a fraction of the time. Excellent ergonomic features facilitate the operation and protect against injuries.

Building material machines for processing various materials such as concrete mixers and compressors are a must on every construction site.

Construction tools for processing various materials are part of solid basic equipment both for in-home use and in commercial workshops. From saws to drills, to grinders, in our range, you can find all the tools you need to work safely and reliably on concrete, stone, wood and other materials.

House building tools for professionals

Today's homebuilders are longer only large companies. People who can call a house their own are often doing some of the finishing and renovation work themselves. The reason for this: lower labour costs. Nowadays, you can easily get the necessary building materials and professional equipment for processing them.

What is more difficult, is gaining access to the knowledge and experience of the construction companies. But you can jump over this hurdle with the handy and mobile devices in expondo's store.

Benefit from the ease of use and ergonomic design of our equipment and get closer to finalizing your construction project with every hour spent in the workshop.

Order block cutters, industrial fans and cut-off saws online

Whether welders equipment or block cutters, construction fans or vibratory plates – at expondo you can find construction equipment of professional quality at affordable prices. With their durable and highly robust materials, you will see real progress in your construction projects within a very short time. The wide range of accessories allows you to match tools and materials perfectly to your operation or project. Discover the variety of our construction site equipment today and take your craft business to a whole new level!