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From measurement and temperature, to sterilisation and data recording, scientific processes are all about accuracy. Whether you work in an industrial laboratory, a research centre, or an educational facility, the same principal applies. Centrifugation is an important process for pelleting, microfiltration, or simply to gather those last precious drops of liquid into the bottom of a sample tube. When it comes to these delicate tasks, a Steinberg microcentrifuge, especially suitable for biochemical work with small sample volumes, is the ideal addition to your scientific equipment.

Separate the best from the rest

• Ideal for scientific, research, and educational facilities • Separate liquids or mixed density substances • Process up to sixteen tubes at once • Plastic protection from contamination • Lightweight

To separate liquids in labs, medical facilities and educational centres such as schools and universities, a Steinberg microcentrifuge is a great addition to your processing equipment. The Steinberg range of microcentrifuge devices features remarkably compact and powerful devices, with a low noise volume. Depending on your chosen device, you can simultaneously process up to 16 micro-tubes with an adjustable speed of up to 3,500rpm. To help you time accurately and work efficiently, you can set your microcentrifuge device for continuous use, or simply adjust using the timer. Each powerful microcentrifuge machine is designed with plastic covers to protect samples from contamination. Our cheapest model of microfentrifuge is suitable for use with up to six 20ml tube and is equipped with a switch-off timer, which can be set between 0 and 30 minutes. Its remarkably quiet electric drive is powered by 110W. With an adjustable speed of up to 3,200rpm, a high centrifugal force is generated causing all solid particles to be separated liquid with ease, and pushed to the bottom of the tube. Any remaining liquid can simply be decanted to be examined separately or discarded. Our most expensive microcentrifuge device has an adjustable speed of up to 3,000rpm and can be used to process up to twelve 20ml tubes at once. Each microcentrifuge machine is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store after use.

More reasons to choose Steinberg Systems

• Globally trusted for labs, schools and research centres • Ideal for labs, warehouses, retailers and more • Lifting magnets for lifting and hauling metal • Crane scales to weigh up to 10 tonnes • Precision scales as accurate as 0.001g • Robust and easy to clean

In the full Expondo range, we can give you plenty more reasons to trust the experts at Steinberg Systems when it comes to working in labs, factories, research facilities and schools, as well as in larger operations such as warehouses and construction sites. In their range of scales, lifting devices and microcentrifuge devices, Steinberg combine timeless hardwearing craftsmanship, with robust materials and digital technology. In our full range of industrial equipment, you’ll find Steinberg lifting magnets, the ideal solution for manoeuvring large quantities of metal materials in construction and auto-part processing. And their wide range of scales feature devices fit for the most minute measurements, right up to the weighing of vehicles and livestock. Each hardwearing, easy to clean scales is built to fit the task at hand from floor scales for weighing deliveries and stock, to crane scales for weight bulky materials of up to 10 tonnes. Ideal for labs, schools, and even kitchens, our range of precision scales offer readings as accurate as 0.001g. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 10,000g, with some models featuring a wide range of additional functions such as TAN, NET weight, and weight per unit. Like all of our scales options, Steinberg precisions scales have rubber feet for optimal stability while measuring, and LED screens for great visibility while you work. Each versatile scales is easy to clean and supports long battery life. Before you go, don’t forget to check out our full range of versatile craft supplies and professional catering equipment.